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easier game than Haunted Carousel

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  • catsandbooks
    Welcome to HER. If you have questions about how the Message Board works, please ask on the Message Board Questions board. I also recommend reading the FAQ/New Member Resources sticky on that board (the link is in my signature).
    There really is no correct place to ask this question, because with thousands of members you could end up with thousands of opinions. If you want help with CAR please ask here. If you want to know about the other games, there is a review thread for every game.

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  • cath1995
    started a topic easier game than Haunted Carousel

    easier game than Haunted Carousel

    Hi, I'm a new member. I'm a first-timer for Adventure games, much more for Nancy Drew games. I'm used to played HOG (or the Skip button). Because I'm interested in these games, I tried the suggestion for the easiest games The Haunted Carousel (the one HerInteractive recommended). But after played it for a while (even though I didn't finish it), I didin't think this was easy, It gave me headache (I hate arcade games), I got stuck in the middle (I don't know where to find my Funpass the second time; Harlan is not there; Ingrid is not there), and I already throw this game out of window. SO can anyone recommended me the easier one? I mean THE REAL EASIEST one. I'm okay with puzzles. Thanks in advance.