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    “вυт вє αѕѕυяє∂ ℓαѕѕ… ѕσмєσиє αт ¢αѕтℓє мαℓℓσу ιѕ ∂σσмє∂.”
    ιитяσ∂υ¢тισи: I specifically remember sprinting through the aisles of a local store with my best friend to get this game. It was the last one on the shelf. Was it worth the five minutes of awkward store dancing and celebrating that ensued after we picked it up? Read on and find out!
    ρℓσт: Nancy Drew is called to a beautiful castle in Ireland to be the maid of honor for an exchange student she hosted, Kyler Mallory. As soon as she gets there, she discovers the groom, Matt, has gone missing—Kyler believes it’s just a prank, but is Matt truly in danger?

    If there’s one thing I can say about this plot—it’s that it’s very, very unrealistic, at certain points during the game. But conceptually, I believe it’s one of the most out-there and creative steps that HER has ever taken, making it one of the most unique and surprising plots in the whole series. If you’re usually pretty rigid when it comes to plots and don’t prefer to suspend your disbelief, this game is probably not for you. And hardcore Nancy fans that haven’t played this game—this isn’t your classic Nancy Drew game plot.

    I remember, years ago when I first finished the game—I felt almost betrayed by the plot. I liked it, but it just didn’t feel like normal. After replaying years later, I do appreciate this plot more. Like I said, it’s one of the most creative efforts by HER, almost to a refreshing degree. I’m iffy, but I like it.


    αтмσѕρнєяє: The castle is beautiful. The grounds are beautiful. The music is beautiful. It was all so spooky, but perfect for the game. I just want to go to Castle Malloy. Right now.


    Pretty decent length, on the longer side when it comes to Nancy Drew games, something I can always appreciate!!



    Kyler Mallory: The sweet, seemingly naiveté bride-to-be and an old friend of Nancy’s. She’s recently taken an interest to her family’s history, considering she grew up in England but is of Irish heritage. All conversations with her were intriguing—from discussing Matt and the other characters to talking about the research she’d been doing on the Malloy family. She seems desperate and upset enough that Matt is missing to be a realistic character, too.

    Donal Delany: The somewhat resentful old care-taker of the castle. He’s not very friendly, and set in his ways when it comes to old Irish folklore. Conversations with him were also always entertaining—he was knowledgeable, but not all that talkative, sometimes it took some encouragement to get needed information out of him. His opinions were so fun to listen to—he seemed like a real person.

    Kit Foley: A land developer as well as Matt’s best friend who’s come in for the wedding. His character leaves much to discover and some interesting character relations are developed involving him as the plot goes on. Needless to say, it keeps the game highly entertaining.

    Matt Simmons: The missing groom, who apparently loves to play pranks. But there are also plenty of opportunities to get in danger on the castle grounds…hopefully he’s okay…
    For some reason, I just adored the characters in this game. There wasn’t tons of dialogue, yet they still felt real and could stand on their own. They were great and individual. Not very forgettable.

    ρυzzℓєѕ: Some puzzles were fun, and gathering the information for them was fun. Others were just tedious. Or bland and frustrating. I’m kind of in-between on this one.


    Иανιgαтισи: Ah, the lovely third person. Not. I would’ve preferred to explore more in the first person, but some of the places you got to go were so cool. And I guess once you got to an area, you could navigate mostly in first, so eh. It was okay. To make up for it though, there was so much to explore, tons of areas! They all were so beautiful and eerie and added to the fun.


    Ѕиσσριиg: There’s not that much snooping in this game, but like I mentioned above, there’s so many areas to explore, it wasn’t that big of a deal to me. The little snooping you did get to do was fun though.


    єνєитѕ//ѕυѕρєиѕє: This game can get pretty scary—but not scary overkill, like some thought of SAW. It’s got a perfect balance of events to keep you on your toes and waiting for what’s around the next crumbling corner of the castle…


    ѕ¢σяє: 66/80
    Grade: B
    So this game isn’t reminiscent of the classics, but it’s wonderfully creative, and the characters are so well done. My opinion on this game has fluctuated a little because of the completely new aspects and concepts that make it up. A lot of players didn’t like this game because of the unusual plot, and I do usually prefer more realistic plot lines, but overall I thought it was a refreshing effort to bring something completely unique to the table. Get ready to suspend your disbelief—because Nancy’s jumping into something she (and you) will never suspect!
    Happy sleuthing~
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