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  • HAU: My must read review :D

    The Haunting of Castle Malloy

    Hi there! And welcome to my 9th review. Today I will be reviewing the 2008 game, The Haunting of Castle Malloy. I received this game as a gift a few years after it came out. I didn’t exactly want to play this game but I think my mom wanted to get it for me because I’m Irish? Haha. Anyway, on to the review.

    Nancy is traveling out of state again! This time to Ireland to be maid of honor in her friend Kyler’s wedding. As she is driving to the castle something darts in front of her car & causes it to drive into a ditch. As Nancy gets to the mansion & speaks to Kyler she learns the groom is missing! Is this a case of cold feet or did a banshee that’s rumored to haunt the grounds take the groom? It’s up to you as Nancy Drew to find the groom before the wedding blows up like the castle 60 years ago!
    I wasn’t that intrigued by the plot as I have been by others in the past. I thought it was a little odd that Kyler was so calm about Matt (the groom) missing. Personally I would’ve been freaking out! I do like the history, albeit made up, surrounding the castle. Kyler finds out her last name should’ve been Malloy instead of Mallory & that her ancestor built the castle but tragedy struck when it blew up 60 years before, killing a husband, wife & child.


    Kyler Mallory: A stock broker from London & the bride to be who we find in the study, reading about her family’s history. Her grandfather that recently died left her everything & never spoke about his background. Kyler is just finding out where she truly came from, and is sure Matt is playing a prank.
    I really liked Kyler, she seemed nice & if she were real, I think she’d make a great friend. I do feel as though she is super calm & not sure why she is so certain Matt is playing a prank. I think she’s a pretty memorable character as this is one of the more popular games.

    Matt Simmons: Matt is the missing groom to be! He is a travel and sailing freelance writer for magazines. He absolutely loves to play pranks on people close to him.
    Unfortunately there isn’t a whole lot about Matt because the entire game he’s missing. He wanted to make this wedding something no one would forget, but I think he’s taking it too far. Making his bride & everyone else close to him worry, if this were real life I think they’d call the authorities at some point lol.

    Kit Foley: Kit is Matt’s best friend & flew from London early to help with the wedding preparations. He was born in the U.S. but moved to London at an early age; however he never picked up an accent. He heard Kyler & Matt arguing, so he believes Matt got cold feet & left, but he won’t tell Kyler that. Kit works as a land developer and spends most of his time sketching downstairs in the great hall.
    Honestly, I thought Kit was odd. I didn’t think he was telling me the whole story & got a little defensive at times. I also got the impression he had a crush on Kyler, and that’s why he wasn’t too concerned about Matt because if he did have cold feet, why would he disappear & not contact anyone?? Obviously they’re going to think he’s in danger if he just disappears… well you would think.

    Donal Delany: Da-nol as it is pronounced, is the caretaker of the castle & has been since Kyler’s Grandfather lived there. Irish-born, Donal isn’t fond of foreigners & believes in fairies, and Ireland’s rich folklore & mythology. Truly superstitious, Donal believes that Matt was taken by fairies and honestly doesn’t seem to mind.
    Donal had a very frosty disposition, he reminded me a little of Dexter Egan from TRT. When Nancy first gets to the castle he doesn’t let her in, and you have to be creative & find a way in. As you talk to him more and more he seems looney, but this is where he is from & truly believes in fairies. However, we don’t have a ton of interaction with him, so I think Dexter is a little better. I would’ve liked if Donal gave us a little history & background on the castle but he barely wants to talk to you & when he does, it’s only about fairies.

    Overall I like the characters; interaction is pretty good which I personally like in a game. There’s a fair amount of talking & snooping so it’s balanced which is a plus for me. I don’t feel like I do about other games, that the characters are just there to be there, they actually serve a purpose. So it was nice to see relevant characters again!

    The setting is a beautiful castle in Ireland; unfortunately you don’t get to see it that well as the entire game is played at night (another con in my opinion). Also, half of it blew up 60 years ago & hasn’t been repaired since. The parts you do get to see, like inside the castle look very well created. There’s the great hall where Kit stays it has a beautiful fireplace, long table, & a fortune teller game. Then there’s a nursery where Matt was last seen, a secret passageway, a study with tons of books where Kyler is reading about her ancestor’s, and stairs leading up to the next floor but you can’t go up them as that’s where the castle was destroyed. You get to walk around the castle grounds more than inside. It’s a bird’s eye view so you’re controlling Nancy by basically looking down at her walk around the grounds. This was a huge con for me, I really didn’t like that & it took some getting used to. There’s a bog, an area with 3 crosses, a barn, garden, a hut, and if you go into Bailor the town right near the castle, there is The Screaming Banshee Inn where you’ll make drinks for the customers & earn tips to play games! The graphics were amazing, very nicely drawn & the outcome made everything look so real.

    Game Play/Puzzles:
    This game is a little time consuming so make sure to set aside quite a bit of time to complete it. It’s a heavy puzzle game, so it might take you multiple tries on one puzzle; you may even need a cheat or two. There’s a wide variety of puzzles from easy to difficult, so it’s fun trying to figure them out. I would’ve liked to snoop a little more, like through people’s belongings. There’s almost none of that in this game, you definitely snoop through certain places but not so much character’s things. In my opinion the games at the Inn you have to play to get a certain object you need is really frustrating. It takes me forever to find the differences in the two pictures & don’t even get me started on the dart game, I read the directions, played it, and it still said I lost, ugh. I love making drinks though, that is really fun! Over all, the puzzles are alright, some are downright difficult but that’s the fun of it… right?

    Scare Factor:
    I’d say on a scale of 1-10 this game is maybe a 2. It’s suspenseful at most. The entire game is played at night (like SAW) so I think that adds to the suspense, but there aren’t any ‘jump out of your seat’ moments. Of course it depends on your age; there is a moment where it might surprise you, but nothing truly scary. Once it happens you can see that it’s not that terrifying. There’s a hut you explore in the bog, and it sort of feels like there’s someone behind you while you’re snooping but that’s it-just a feeling.

    I think the ending perfectly demonstrates why this game (to me) was a letdown. After you do all these puzzles, exploring, playing mini-games, making drinks, trial & error… it just ends. The end was the most confusing thing about the game, it was unexpected, weird & above everything just didn’t make sense. I wanted the end to make up for all the effort I put into the game… I don’t know how they came up with that being the ending but to me it just fizzled out. At the end, I didn’t feel accomplished. I felt like, “oh…ok?” Just my opinion though!

    This game was definitely challenging, what with its hard and time consuming puzzles, there was also a lot of trail & error too. I enjoyed making drinks, snooping in the bog hut & surrounding area around the castle. The setting & graphics are beautifully made; I just wish half the castle wasn’t blown up. The characters were good, and well thought out but I would’ve liked to interact just a little bit more, maybe catch someone doing something suspicious. That being said, the cons unfortunately outweigh the pros. The bird’s eye view was very tedious, and it took a while to get used to. The puzzles, at times can be just too darn hard! And sometimes I felt overwhelmed by puzzles/tasks. After initially talking to everyone once you arrive you only then talk to some of the characters sporadically after that. The ending was odd, I didn’t quite understand what was going on, and the “culprit” was, well just weird.
    This of course, is all my opinion. I’m sure many people have loved this game, and if you like any of the cons I listed then you’ll love the game! I’m not meaning to sound so negative to completely disregard the game, definitely try it for yourself you might be pleasantly surprised!

    Well, this is my last review for a while. I’ve reviewed every game I’ve played and need to get a new game! If anyone has any suggestions for a somewhat easy game that isn't riddled with puzzles, I’d really appreciate it! Thank you to everyone who has read this review and all my others. Hopefully my opinions have helped somewhat, of these great games!

    Happy sleuthing…until next time...
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    Also played & finished, ICE, CRY. CLK & TRN