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I 100% Hated This Game. Junior Level Rant.

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  • I 100% Hated This Game. Junior Level Rant.

    This is a review I wrote quite awhile ago elsewhere so hope it doesn't have spoilers?

    Don’t expect to see the lovely sights of Ireland you never see daylight!!
    I wanted to Love this game so much I bought it and saved it for when I was really in the mood for a gripping ND game.. Darn!

    The Blah Character's:
    Kyler- Bride to be- Dull as dishwater personality..
    Matt- The Groom to be- Missing..
    Alan- The Best Man a voice by phone.
    Kit- Matt’s Best Friend, sits on a cot the entire game drawing.
    Donal-The caretaker of Castle Malloy spends the game nodding off at the Screaming Banshee Inn!
    Ned, Bess and George-Via phone at a pool party back home not much with hints!

    Soundtrack.. Non-existent except for some crackling fireplaces if you are near one! And some creaks and eerie sounds few and far between.

    The graphics were dark and gritty!
    Why would anyone want to spend a minute in that dump they call a Castle let alone invite people there for a wedding? The very minimal parts used 3 areas inside if I remember could have and should have been visually tolerable!

    The Grand hall you enter through the huge castle doors looks like a fall out shelter with cots lined up in a corner for the Wedding Party and guests?
    I wish they had not used the creepiest room in the entire place and called it "The Baby Nursery” where Matt was supposedly staying (No-one would stay in that room) good grief what were they thinking using a gloomy depressing room and deciding to make it the nursery?

    The tasks Nancy had to do some were just bizarre filler like they threw them in overnight.
    The 4 characters you visually interact with were not fun or interesting at all! I avoided any unnecessary conversations!

    This is how much I disliked the Castle, my favorite parts of the game were drumming/difference detectives and mixing none alcoholic the Inn to get out of the doom and gloom mood of the Castle!

    Nancy didn’t have a room in this game or cell phone hers was destroyed when she crashed talking while driving, serves her right!
    Phone calls are made from the phone booth with her International calling card and no calls were any fun either!
    And apparently the entire game took place in one night which would be impossible in real life considering everything she did!
    I wasn't a fan of actually seeing Nancy either, that’s been a big part of the mystic of these games, that you are Nancy.

    The Chemical puzzle everyone said was hard, was and wasn't!
    Fitting them in was easy compared to decoding the codes in the codes within the apparently hidden codes! I did blow up 5 times, but was expecting that.
    The bewildering part of the game wasn't the moving of the chemicals it was worse!!
    You assume it won't be that hard to figure out by just taking the time to look at the chart on the wall.. However when you start the puzzle there are not simply 6 chemical codes to move into category #1. There are 13 separate ones for that category alone!
    I would have quit the game right there if I hadn't found the only place after searching that went nice and slow so I could copy them onto paper! I’ll be the first to admit I am not good with Science but this seemed like an out right mistake or do we really have to be rocket scientists to further break them down to play?

    My last gripe/gripes, the ending was utterly ridiculous!! I’m still not sure what the entire purpose of that “Blast Off” without giving it away was but it was sure over-kill in my opinion. What went where at that moment and why it was necessary, will confuses me forever!
    However.. I finished it (will never play it again) and have played every single one since!
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