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The Haunting of Castle Malloy - A review by felicity18

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  • The Haunting of Castle Malloy - A review by felicity18

    This game is really interesting and fun. The character in this game were very good.

    Kyler is Nancy's friend who is getting married. I really liked her and it was great getting to know her. Matt is the missing groom in the game that Nancy needs to find. Kit is Matt's best friend and a friend of Kyler who he used to date. His was a classic case of unrequited love. Other than that he was a very average character. Donal is the caretaker and the most interesting character in the game. He doesn't want Kyler to marry Matt because he wants her to marry Kit instead because he's Irish.

    I really like that this game takes place in Ireland. However, they didn't take advantage that Nancy was in Ireland to really showcase its beautiful scenery. I think that this game should of lasted several days instead of all in one night. One of the things that I didn't like was the sheep gathering and the end puzzle just took too long to finish.

    I thought the jet pack was really cool and it was fun to see Nancy fly like that in the game. All in all this game has a good amount of complexity and dimension.

    So I give The Haunting of Castle Malloy a 7 out of 10.