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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • I loved this game! Definitely one of my favorites.

    It had just enough easy and tough puzzles, great atmosphere and background, not to mention storyline. It didn't get boring, and there didn't seem to be any points that are easy to get stuck in. Also, did I mention, Ireland! Jet-packs and science, too, what more can one ask for?!

    All around, excellent work.
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    • Gave it a 9. It was really fun, but it was also really hard. And the ending for me was a bit of a disappointment :/


      • Pros and Cons

        -setting (I LOVE Ireland)
        -creepy/dark feel to it
        -music was the best of all the games
        -mixing drinks
        -colorful characters
        -shearing sheep XD
        -Irish folklore
        -unpredictable culprit

        -everything takes place in one night
        -the ending
        -placing chemicals without blowing things up
        -there's one thing about the game that is simply ridiculous

        8/10 The amazing setting, music, and overall tone of the game really won my heart. It's just that one thing (can't spoil it) that really made me wanna smash my head on the desk, cause the rest of the game was incredible.


        • I gave this game an 8/10. I actually really enjoyed playing haunting of castle malloy. I liked how it was in Ireland and I loved the music and making drinks
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          • This game was utter garbage. I cannot believe I even spent money on this waste of time. Please give me back the time I spent playing this game. Is there even a God?


            • slight dissapointment

              when i ordered this game i couldn't wait to play it... then i saw the graphics lol i was dissapointed with how little you could explore in the castle :( that was one of the reasons i bought the game- i love the nancy drew castle games (treasure royal tower, haunted mansion, blackmoor manor) because there are SO many places to explore.

              i really did like having to walk around the castle grounds at night from a birds-eye view. i would have liked it more if it stayed in the regular viewing format.

              no cool secret tunnels or passageways :(

              graphics: 5/10 i realize this is an older game but i feel like earlier games such as final scene had better graphics than this one
              plot: 8/10
              puzzels: 8/10
              characters: 7/10
              spook factor: 7/10
              location: 6/10 because you cant explore the castle much and the birds-eye map


              • Eh

                I got this game as a present and was very excited to play it because I love playing ND games ( no matter how frustrated I get ;) ). However, I would give this game a 6 and that's being generous. The graphics were good but you also couldn't talk to a lot of people. I think I'm actually going to rate this a 4.. I've only played it once and it took me forever. I finally had to look up cheats. The part where she's driving then crashes and gets out to "look around" had me utterly confused. I had no idea where to go half the time, nothing is straight forward and I didn't think it was exciting or creepy in any way a real haunted castle should. I was also disappointed that you couldn't explore the castle more. That was a let down. I don't even remember the ending to be honest. I had to look up who the culprit was as it's been years since I tried playing. I'm tempted to try to play it again since it's St. Patrick's Day, but we'll see. I'm going to try to get the older games to work on my Windows 7 but if they don't I'll play this one.


                • Realy fun!

                  This was a really fun game!
                  It was scary and the puzzles were not overly hard. I found the story engaging and very well done. The atmosphere was fantastic and so were the characters.
                  I would definitely recommened!
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                  I saw The Haunting of Castle Malloy!
                  I destroyed The Captive Curse! (REALLY good game!)

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                  • I loved this game! It's very spooky and I love spooky


                    • I gave it an 8. The ending really pulled down my rating of the game cos it felt like there was no real culprit. Also, I was quite disappointed with the fact that not all the puzzles need to be completed in order for one to progress. The puzzles were not bad overall.
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                      • Harder than other games

                        I liked this one as much as any other ND-game. But i have to say the clues and puzzles were harder than others, while the checklist was actually easier. I didn't really like the ending, it was a little out of plot-character.


                        • 7/10

                          I won't lie, I was very excited about this game. It was going to be in one of my favorite countries and in a castle! I was so excited. Then I played the game. Meh. The characters are not that memorable and the puzzles were not that great. The only awesome factors to me was the locations.


                          • 9/10 Pretty good game, it had challenging puzzles and a good plot (The only two I got frustrated with was the drum puzzle and the chemical sorting puzzle)