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    can somebody take me step by step on the chemical controls on how should i move them without getting blown up
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    Images are not allowed on the boards.

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    Originally posted by callas View Post
    First, make yourself a chart with 3 columns. Using the Periodic Table of elements on the wall in the lab, write down the category 1, 2, and 3 elements. Write their abbreviations in the correct category. You'll need this right next to you while you do the puzzle. (I made a screen capture of it and printed it. I wrote the letters next to the name of the chemicals.)

    Now you need to sort the chemicals into the proper category. You can't run into any bottles or you will kaboom. Start with the ones you can get to easily. (BTW, the category spots aren't really garages, they just remind me of a garage so that's what I call them)

    There is a H one that is easy. It's category 1. Open the jaws to the 3rd notch and go up to the H. Get as close as you can without blowing up. Close the jaws to 2. Pull the arm down, then go to the left. Center the arm and put the H as far into the Category 1 "garage" as you can. Hint: You can't go to far into the garage, so make sure you go all the way in. Open the jaws up and pull the arm back out.

    Common mistakes:
    Squeezing the chemical too hard.
    Not moving far enough up to the chemical (there should be less than a square between the bottle and the arm.)
    Putting the chemical into the wrong garage
    Trying to move a chemical out of your way without putting it away in the proper garage (can't move it unless you move it into the garage)

    Luckily, if you KABOOM! it goes back to the spot you made the mistake, not back to the beginning. Thank heavens!

    What worked for me was to move everything away from the #2 house except the Hg, then clear a path up to #3, and then put the Hg away. After that you are in the clear.

    Originally posted by Girl Detective View Post
    Here are some tips:
    Make a list of the chemicals in the first three categories on the wall chart to the right of you. It’s very important that you don’t put a chemical into the wrong bin and that you don’t touch a chemical until you have a clear path to that bin and are ready to put it in otherwise it will cause an explosion.

    Make sure that you have the claw opened up wide enough when reaching for a chemical. Once you are there, you want to have it snuggled up to it as far as you can go without the metal arm piece underneath (below the claw) touching the chemical. Use enough pressure to clamp it shut without squeezing too tight.

    Be sure it doesn't touch anything else on the way to the disposal bin and that you go into the bin as far as you can before releasing it, without touching the sides of the bin. You also want to be sure to close the claw before you start to pull out of the disposal bin.

    Here’s the order I used for this and the categories to put them in:
    NH3, P, H, H, H, NH3 into Category 1, I–Cat 2, H–Cat 1, F–Cat 3, I–Cat 2, Hg–Cat 3, P–Cat 1, Rn–Cat 3, H20–Cat 2, F–Cat 3, H2O–Cat 2, Br–Cat 3, K, P, K–Cat 1, LOX–Cat 2, Hg–Cat 3, I–Cat 2, Br–Cat 3, Cl–Cat 2, K–Cat 1, Rn–Cat 3, F–Cat 3, Br–Cat 3, H–Cat 1, Cl–Cat 2, H2O–Cat 2, Key–bring straight down

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      NH3,P,H,H,H, NH3 in cat right which chemial goes s in cat 2, 3, ,
      greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world Images are not allowed on the boards.

      Images are not allowed on the boards.