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whαt cσuld вє вєttєr thαn wαkيng up يn vєnيcє, يtαlч?

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  • whαt cσuld вє вєttєr thαn wαkيng up يn vєnيcє, يtαlч?


    "What could be better than waking up in Venice, Italy?" A Phantom of Venice Review
    ↗ιитяσ∂υ¢тισи → I’m Nikoletta, thanks for clicking on my Phantom of Venice review! Now I don’t quite remember seeing the trailer for VEN, though I must have because I finished CRY, but I remember being very intrigued by the cover of this game with I got it for my birthday a few years back. Was it a good birthday present? Read on and find out.

    ↗ρℓσт → At the request of the ever so lovely Prudence Rutherford, Nancy has teamed up with the GdiF (a sort of Italian version of the FBI) to help stop a series of thefts involving priceless Venetian artwork. She stays at a beautiful but old Venetian house called the Ca Nascosta. Nancy soon finds she may be in over her head when it comes to the complications of the crime ring!
    This plot kept me engaged from being to end. I don’t think I was truly bored with it for the entire game. It was entertaining, it wasn’t light yet it wasn’t scary: it had a perfect balance of elements that made a great game. It has a lot of replay value; I still am not tired of it after playing it about 5 times. [10/10]

    ↗αтмσѕρнєяє → The music is usually peaceful, occasionally with a background song that struck me as having a “quizzical” feel too it. It sounded European and elegant, I liked it. The scenes and scenery were nicely done for the graphics at the time, although I feel they could’ve showcased the beauty of Venice a tad more, they did a nice job, especially when on the gondolas. [9/10]

    ↗ℓєиgтн → The length was just right; balanced out by puzzles and events and dialogue. I was very satisfied and felt that the story line had an appropriate amount of time to develop and progress. It ended when expected. [10/10]

    ↗¢нαяα¢тєяѕ → The characters in this game once again demonstrated HER’s excellent ability to construct in depth, realistic characters that are always interesting to talk to.

    →Colin Baxter: Colin is restoring the Ca for Margherita, the owner of the Ca. He has a deep passion for art, especially mosaics and tesserae tiles. There is something unique and interesting that happens between him and Nancy over the course of the game, it was very fun to see how that played out. Colin has many secrets to hide and an intricate past. Very well done character, I enjoyed his involvement in the plot immensely.

    →Margherita Fauberg: The owner of the Ca. She is very concerned with her social and financial status in comparison to the other socialites in Venice. She was very entertaining to talk to because she reminded me of those middle-aged types who just want to be teenagers again. She needed to stop living in a high school mind set and grow up. Another excellent and unique character.

    →Helena Berg: Nancy’s roommate at the Ca, as well as a German reporter that specializes in high profile crimes. She is friendly, yet seems to be holding a lot back. Her character development over the course of the mystery, like Colin’s, is very fun and interesting to follow.

    →Enrico Tazza: He runs a private club called the Casa dei Giochi, or “House of Games”. Though it is known he has been involved in some activities that were less than legal in the past, has he reformed? He was a very haughty and smooth talking character that made me keep my wits about me as I played.
    Wonderful job, HER! [10/10]

    ↗ρυzzℓєѕ→ There was neither an abundance nor a lack of puzzles in VEN. Like most games, VEN contained a few tedious puzzles and one monstrously hard and frustrating one, but this was easy to overlook given the engaging plot line that encouraged you to keep going no matter what. All in all, most puzzles weren’t necessarily easy, but weren’t exasperating either. Given the mediocre circumstances of this element of the game, I was pretty much indifferent. [6/10]

    ↗иανιgαтισи → The navigation was easy and it wasn’t a challenge to get from place to place. Though you had to manually click on places on the map until you reached an interactive location, it wasn’t that tedious. [9/10]

    ↗ѕиσσριиg → If you like snooping, VEN is the game for you. Because she is working for the GdiF, Nancy’s snooping abilities and opportunities are taken to the next level. The snooping is fun, makes your heart beat a little faster, and there is plenty of it. [10/10]

    ↗єνєитѕ//ѕυѕρєиѕє → Though there’s not many “big” events, there are little moments of suspense scattered throughout the game that makes the game fun throughout. [9/10]

    ↗ѕ¢σяє→ 73/80

    Grade: A

    This game is great if you’re new to the Nancy Drew adventure series. It has all the elements that make them fun and exciting for all types of gamers. It’s longer and more modern than the first few original, yet contains all the components that made the originals so lovable. I would dare to say it one of the top 3 if not the best of the series so far. Ciao!- Nikoletta♥

    P.S. Thanks to littlelamb for the beautiful swirl at the top of this review. Check out her sig shop by clicking on the copyright on the swirl-- its amazing! (:
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    I liked your review!

    It had nice visual was was positive (something I appreciate)

    This is considered one of the better ND games...So your grade seems pretty spot on with everyone else says...

    I pretty much agreed with you on everything. I thought music sounded "quizzical" too! I just couldnt put the word to it though...

    Transportation was easy-if you could figure it out! At first I couldnt figure out what I was doing! but eventually, I got the hang of it

    I kind of liked the puzzle difficulty. I personally dont like puzzles! I am a writing gal, so puzzles and logic are...just...not my thing! I think the only one I had trouble with was the puzzle at the end. I couldnt do it! So I always had use a spoiler...

    Nice review!

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    Thank you newbie324!


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      GREAT review! loved it! this is my favorite game and i think you explained everything it has in it perfectly! amazing! great job!
      One time I want Nancy to say "It's Unlocked!!!!" If you want that to happen too, copy and past this on to your singnature!!

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        Really good review! I agree with almost everything! Reps given!
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        Love, Erin <333333


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          Great review! VEN was actually the first ND game I completed but not the first i started..this is def a great game!
          i figure life’s a gift…………❝❞
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            whαt cσuld вє вєttєr thαn wαkيng up يn vєnيcє, يtαlч?


            I loved your review! This was the first Nancy Drew game I had ever played, and I have been hooked to the adventure series ever since! The music would have to be my second favorite aspect of this game - it made me feel as if I was really there, and it created a fun and enjoyable atmosphere in which to sleuth! I really liked the graphics - they were fantastic! The characters were well-done, but I would have to say that my favorite part was the Gelato! I would give this game my stamp of approval, and a big swirly
            A! Fabulous job, Her!!!!
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