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Little Italy: A Cake Review

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  • Little Italy: A Cake Review

    My Introduction
    Hi! I'm disneygirl12, and welcome to my 19th cake review! I hope you enjoy reading!
    Seeing as how I haven't written a cake review since August, I decided to create one on a game I completed not too long ago - a great game, I should say. :D
    Let's go over the plot: Nancy is sent by Prudence Rutherford to go to Venice, Italy! Someone there, known as "The Phantom", has been dressing up in a mask and cape and stealing valuable artwork, from paintings to figurines. Nancy is joining the gDif (Italian "FBI") to help the police unmask the criminal. She soon discovers that everyone truly is a suspect.

    Fruitcakes (cons)
    Getting around in the game was a little annoying. We have to use a map, and you had to go to several locations in order to get where you wanted to go.
    I was not a big fan of the ending. It was predictable and even a bit tedious. (The culprit choice, on the other hand, was very unexpected, in my opinion!)

    Good Cakes (pros)
    I loved all of the characters in this game! They were all so different and each had unique personalities. It was also really fun to see how each character reacts around others, and it was easy to attach to them.
    I'm not one to judge a game by its graphics, but they were amazing in this game! The settings were so colorful, beautiful, and realistic, and the characters looked very realistic, as well! Her Interactive only gets better and better by each game.
    There are many fun new features in this game! I won't spoil them for you, because I feel that you should find them out for yourself, but this game was filled with good mystery and great new concepts! ;D
    The plot for this game was absolutely fantastic. The mystery feels very realistic, and it really makes you want to find out who the culprit is!
    Similarly, the storyline for VEN was well done, too. There were always new twists and turns to the mystery, and everything fit together so perfectly.
    The puzzles were very well established. All of them required some thinking and strategy, which gives a nice challenge. (With the exception of two very long, tricky puzzles! ;)
    In the game, you have the ability to spy on one of the characters. I thought that this was very creative, and I found myself loving this about the game!
    The music was very beautiful, authentic, and it always fit the mood of the game. Well done, Her Interactive!

    Overall, The Phantom of Venice proves to be one of the greatest games in the series. It has wonderful mystery, characters, music, graphics, features, and so many more things about it to bring it to the top, which is why I think this game deserves the highest possible rating. My rating for this game, as shown below, is a five out of five stars. Thank you so much for reading! Feel free to comment; they're always welcome!

    = Excellent!
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    Last Game: Legend of the Crystal Skull
    Next Game: The Haunting of Castle Malloy
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    Hope everyone's having a great summer!

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    This game is my all time favorite! More many reasons. I've always wanted to go to Italy. So I guess, this gives me a little glimpse of how nice it would be. :)
    Gleam and glow,
    Let your power shine,
    Make the clock reverse,
    Bring back what once was mine,

    Heal what has been hurt,
    Change the fates design,
    Save what has been lost,
    Bring back what once was mine,
    What once, was mine.

    Thanks Disneygirl12 for the fades.


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      Cool! VEN is definitely somewhere in my top 10 favorites. I've wanted to go to Venice too, and this game does give a nice little idea of what it is like.
      Thank you for your comment!
      .........I think Earth is a pretty great place.....¸.·°¨¯¨°·¸
      ...........That's saying something....¸.·`.......`·-·`
      ...¸·°¨¯¨°·.¸ 'cause I've been through outer space!
      ...`·-·`.......` · . , ¸ _ ¸ , . · `(_¸ , . · `

      Hope everyone's having a great summer!