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Catch the Thief or Italian police is the most funny guys in world

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  • Catch the Thief or Italian police is the most funny guys in world

    This would be one of the most beatifully designed (as a city) of ND games.

    First room - I feel like all love was given to it.
    Characters were fine. Even interactions between them.
    One problem with the city is - while it was reconstructed to some level, it lacked actual living people in it. And sounds tried to cover that, but it couldn't help it to the full end. Double edged design.

    Chinese box, cards, clothes - they were interesting.
    Dancing was - strange...

    Plot was so-so. Stealer who got you locket and arrlecchino were interesting themes. But how police got Nancy into this was laughable. I thought all their department were sitting in their office, eating and making bets "will she get this task or not". No matter support from contact officer, getting Nancy to identify thief in middle and end game was... I felt all her nice words were a joke to some extent.
    Overall feeling - police was nice and warm, but getting Nancy in some situations was irresponsible. With that her tone felt a little out of place.

    Puzzles - running every time to Fargo office, forcing to play cards for every dealing with arlecchino, and maybe one or two more tasks were a little out of place.
    This place at the end of the game - had one big flow - you were forced to walk in gloomy absolutely identical places without any difference. It was just one long big rust thing. It could've been made as one 2d puzzle. But not discarding people work - they made up this place with a real touch.

    I'll give it a good mark.