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Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice Review

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  • Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice Review

    Welcome to the QueenofSpades Review of Nancy Drew: Phantom of Venice!

    Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice, was perhaps the most well-rounded game I have played so far. It incorporated several different puzzles, interesting characters, and an captivating storyline. Not to mention the fabulous setting of Venice, Italy!

    My favorite parts of the game:
    - I really liked the different games/puzzles this game had to offer. From Scopa to Dancing to Mosaics, this game had it all, and I really appreciated the diversity.
    - I also really enjoyed the well thought out character bios. The characters were all so diverse, they each had their own interests, personalities, and quirks, just like real people.
    - Moving around in the game, throughout the map, was really well done. There are three different ways to move around, the 'subway', on foot, or with the boats in the canals. You had the option to choose your canal experience, whether you wanted a beautiful view with music, or just a quick 'go to the next spot', this map was very easy to navigate.

    My least favorite parts of the game:
    - Nancy did not have a cell phone, so she had to use a pager in order to contact her 'boss'. I felt this was frustrating because I couldn't call Ned from the same phone (That's one of the things I really enjoy, is talking to Ned ) and sometimes Nancy's contact would not answer.
    - I did not like a particular puzzle, one at the end of the game. I won't go into details because it is a spoiler, but I thought it was particularly difficult. It was the only puzzle I had to look up the answer to when I first played the game.

    Overall, I'd say this game was a solid representation of the Nancy Drew PC Game. If you want a good game that has a long gameplay and interesting plot, this is the one you should play.