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VEN game review ~ by eunsoo ~

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  • VEN game review ~ by eunsoo ~

    Hello People! welcome to my game review! so... i finished this game last week and then i decided to create a review

    : Favorite parts:

    1) many places to go: using a map to go around the city is cool, right? like DAN, SAW etc. but in VEN i could choose to just walk trough the streets or sail trough the canals.

    2) customizing outfit: it was a surprise for me! and cooler part was that other characters commented on my look!

    3) scopa: when i played scopa with enrico tazza first time, i thought it's the worst game ever and i won't learn the rules, but later i won and it's one of my favorite parts

    least favorite parts:

    1) Annoying Voice of mrs. Rutherford: i even didn't try to call mrs. Rutherford for her ANNOYING voice! 'cause it bothered me and talking with her was the most bothering part of the game

    2) NO CELL PHONE: it was one of my huge problems to call friends with that telephone in nancy's room...

    3) making money: who wants to kill a bunch of bees for making money?

    4) other facts: i didn't like a few parts of game that i can't say because it could spoil the game for others.

    Anyway it was a game with a different story and if you want to try it, don't take time... bye!
    eunsoo, a Girl with magnifying glass

    is Happiness