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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

    Come rate this game for us and give us your overall opinion. We want to know. You can make your vote and then either post and explain why you rated it as you did (without game event or cultprit name/gender spoilers). OR just provide us with a link to a past review you may have written. This is meant to be helpful to all those gamers who may not have played this game yet and come here to find out what we thought of it. So keep that in mind when posting please. Thank you!!

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    This game was fantastic! It was with out a doubt the best game made!



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      It was really good and is one of my favorites.
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        I think HER did an excellent job! The puzzles and characters and all around plot gave the game an extra something it has been missing. Apart from DAN, VEN is my new favorite game! Keep up the good work, HER!
        Here's my Spoiler Free Review of VEN-
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          I thought HER did an excellent job with the plot of this game. It's probably one of the most exciting games, and it's definitely become one of my favorites!

          Click here to read my review: A Carnevale of Surprises: A VEN Review

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            My review!

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              i just played the demo and i am so excited for the game! i liked what i saw and im sure that it will be an excellent game!
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                I just finished V.E.N. and i thought it was a great suspencful and thrilling game. Great job HER!
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                  Overall it was a good game. Fun puzzles, interesting plot, unpredictable outcome, but not much on the level of scariness. However that is fine by me

                  My review:
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                    I enjoyed this game overall. There were a good mixture of puzzles and suspects, along with other fun things to do. For a more detailed review see my VEN review.
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                      I haven't finished VEN yet, because i'm about to go to Target to go get it (it's on hold for me). But i'll give it a ten most likely when I finish it.

                      ( oh and by the way I got it on the ninth not the tenth of july)

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                        I so gave this game a 10.
                        Its one of my new favorites



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                          I rated this game a big fat 10!

                          [urlurl]=]Click here to read my review[/url]

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                            This game was pretty good, but I miss all the rooms and cubby holes to explore. There really wasn't a lot of drawers and doors to open and find things or passageways to do down. I liked the 'paper doll' concept with Nancy trying on outfits. I might play again and try to get more awards.


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                              Just completed 7-10-08

                              I had mixed emotions about this game. Being my ancestors were Italian, I did find listening to people speaking Italian enjoying as you reallly do not hear many people speaking the language now in Rhode Island(or anywhere in the US for that matter).
                              I enjoyed the old Nancy Drew music in the beginning and end. Thanks for bringing it back!
                              The game seemed too short for me. My favorite is still "Blackmoor Manor"!
                              The map was a little tedious and disappointing as you were not allowed to visit all points. After waiting a year for this one (usually there are two per year released), I was hoping for a longer and more involvement with the characters and more scenery of Italy.
                              On the whole it was enjoyable. I rated this one a 7 and strongly suggest you purchase the game.