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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • I am at the very end and I was not as impressed with this game as I was with some of the others I have played so I give it 7/10. It was kinda short and It was not as fun as other games. This was the least favorite game have played but HER still did a good job.



    • 10!

      I absolutely loved this game!

      The scenery was beautiful and looked so realistic, you actually felt like you were there. The buildings were amazing and the trash littering the ground made the town feel real, like it was a real street/walking area.

      The characters were really interesting and, to me, it seemed as though there were a lot. They all had unique personalities, which really showed by the way they acted and spoke. They seemed like real people to me and were very entertaining.

      The phone characters were also great to talk to, especially the mysterious one.

      The puzzles were interesting and not too tough. They were great and went well with the game.

      The snooping was amazing! There was so much of it! I loved it.

      The ending was interesting enough, it was similar to others, but was somewhat funny
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      • I liked the fact that it was in Italy
        I didn't really like the plot. Too typical.
        I liked all the scenery.
        I didn't like getting around, it was a pain.
        I liked all the characters.
        I didn't like the ending, I thought it was too easy.

        I gave it a 7.
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        • Originally posted by sarabarraxo View Post
          I liked the fact that it was in Italy
          I didn't really like the plot. Too typical.
          I liked all the scenery.
          I didn't like getting around, it was a pain.
          I liked all the characters.
          I didn't like the ending, I thought it was too easy.

          I gave it a 7.
          Ditto! Except for I gave it a 10.
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          • i really enjoyed this game but the ending wasnt do good. however the graphics and scenery was nice and the sleuthing was fun! and playing scopa! was fun too. i gave it a 7.


            • I loved this game
              It was 1 of my favs It was really suspensful and the ending was great!! 10/10!!!:
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              • I gave it an 8.I didn't like the ending,but pretty much everything else was fine.One of my favs
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                • Overall 8

                  This game was a lot of fun. The plot is one of the best so far, and all of the tasks and puzzles are unique to the game. I even taught my family how to play scopa! I gave it an 8 to challenge her to do even more in their future games.


                  • This game was fun! My BFF and I enjoy playing ND games and making fun of Nancy for saying, "Cheeseburger......" "It's Locked" ....ect...ect.... Lots of fun!


                    • Well, it's not the classics, but this game is definitely a step in the right direction, because the past few games (ICE, DAN, HAU) have, in my opinion, been pretty bad. Great job HeR!!!
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                      • I gave it a nine

                        I agree that it doesn't have the same charm as the classics, but I give it a 9/10 because its got its own charm. I love the graphics and the other characters, the location is VENICE which automatically makes it kind of amazing, especially because there are a lot more places to visit than in Danger by Design. The puzzles weren't TOO difficult, although I HATE SCOPA. That part was really irritating, but everything else was surprisingly fun; I honestly didn't think the game would be that good after HAU and CRY but I was very pleasantly surprised. I would definately recommend this game to anyone.


                        • In love with VEN!!!

                          This game was so much fun! I haven't bought any new Nancy Drew games in a while, so I was really excited when I got this one. I love how you really feel like a detective with all of the undercover work Nancy does. The gondola rides make you feel like you're really in Venice, and I loved how we could change Nancy's outfits and accessories!!! I gave it a 9, and the only reason why I took off a point is because some of the puzzles were really hard to solve (in my opinion) without walkthrough/spoilers. However, it's an amazing game, one of my new favorites!! Also, one more thing: I do not reccomend this game for people who are new to Nancy Drew, something like treasure in the royal tower or message in a haunted mansion would be good for you-they're really fun too!!!!

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                          • 9 of 10

                            not a classic but better than ransom and malloy. i loved the singing with the boats etc., and the gelatto.



                            • Gave it a 10

                              LOVED THIS GAME! This game (i think) is completely diffrent from the rest of the others, In a great way! More challenging puzzles, but not too chalenging and so many diffrent things to do! Plus I LOVE SCOPA! I often play this game to do nothing BUT play scopa! Deffinately one of the best Nancy games yet!
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                              • 10/10

                                I loved this game! I loved that you get to go to Italy, and that there is a lot to do. You can go all over Venice I loved the puzzles, and all the other challenges in the game.