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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • 7!

    I give it a seven. The tunnels were a little harder then expected, but overall it was really good.
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    • I give it a ten! I loved this game. It did have some hard puzzles, but then, so does every game. This might not be a beginner's game, but I highly recommend it-- it's one of my favorites!

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      • I gave it a 9. Some of the puzzles were super challenging, and I don't usually mind that. But I just don't like when I start getting frustrated with them, as I did with this game on several occasions. Other than that, the characters were great and the setting was absolutely beautiful (made up for a lot of things). Plus, scopa is such a fun card game. I was sad, though, that I figured out the culprit a bit too early in the game for my liking. But I can get over that. Overall, great game! (Although not in my top three.)


        • I give it a 6. I thought the game was pretty easy for the most part, though the tunnels were a little tricky. It didn't appeal to me that much and I was done in a short amount of time. I thought the plot was sort of dumb (I'm not trying to offend anyone who really liked it), but all in all I definitely don't think it was one of HER's best games.

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          • I give it a 9. I love how it is in Italy and the phantom is standing on top of buildings with his cape flowing about!

            the WORST(not yelling!)part was trying to get the sapphire.
            it was the most frustrating but it was worth it.

            I loved how nancy could change clothes and the rest was great too!!! I loved this game(my second ND game to complete!
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            • I really liked this game! I love how Nancy can change clothes it was also really cool that it was in Venice

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              • It was not one of the best but it was still fun especially scopa game.
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                • 10

                  I voted a 10 because this was THE BEST GAME EVER!!!!!
                  It was awesome going to Venice ( virtually that is). I took me almost 3 days to finish this game ( i couldn't get off!!!!!)
                  It was really kool how you could change your clothes, and the characters were soo interesting. You felt like you were a real spy! The hardest part about the game is stealing the sadal melik saphire. You even got to learn your Italian! HeR had a pretty unique way of Nancy earning money in the Campo de san polo.( it was fun!) This was my favorite game!

                  It rocks!!!!!!
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                  • Best

                    I voted 10 cause I adore this game. Danger by Design was my favorite but after I played Phantom of Venice I was in love. I love that it takes place in Venice. So beautiful and there was Italian in the game as well. I am Italian and I had so much fun playing this one. I waited so long for them to create a game in Italy. Maybe another one in Italy but this time in Rome?


                    • 7/10

                      I gave it a 7. I really enjoyed playing Scopa and sneaking around. But I thought it was too short and too easy. I expected the tunnels to be difficult but I could make my way through it almost without trying. The only things I did find quite dificult were "Chess" and the chinese box. But pretty good game over-all.


                      • I voted this a 4 because I was majorly disappointed :( I expected a lot more out of this game. All the trailers and descriptions made the game look very promising: memorable scenery of the gorgeous Venice and interesting puzzle. While I do admit, ALL the characters were clear, and developed, and somewhat humorous and some of the games/puzzles included were definitely ORIGINAL and fun, there wasn't TOO much of it there. I didn't feel it flowed easily, and the ending, which is huge, was disappointing.
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                        • Best Game

                          HER did a great job on Phantom, some of the best aspects being the beautiful scenery and interesting characters. The plot was excellent, so excellent that there were aspects of the game not even adressed by the ending. This really improved the mystery for me. This is the game that hooked me on ND mysteries for good and all!
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                          • 9/10!

                            this was my first ND game and i LOVED it!
                            great characters
                            great plot
                            you could go lots of different places
                            you could change Nancy's clothes

                            my only disipointment was the ending- i wanted a little more SUSPENSE!!!!!
                            other than that it ROCKED!!!!
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                            I destroyed The Captive Curse! (REALLY good game!)

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                            • I don't really know how to sum it up- VEN is an awesome game! I love Venice and Italy.


                              • 10/10

                                I loved it!!! one of my fav Nancy Drew games maybe a bit short but still soooo good!!