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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • This game was amazing!!!!!!!!!!!! NO LIE!!!!!!!!!!!! I recomend this to all Nancy Drew fans


    • phantom Of Venice

      I rated it a ten! I really liked that it was in Venice because it's so beautiful there. I also liked the idea where you could change clothes. All the Charathers were creative and the storyline was rich! I absoulty loved it! One of my fav Nancy Drew games. I recommend it to people who are not beginers because some of the puzzles are hard! But it's still a wonderful game!


      • This is one of the few newer games I would give a 10. There was definitely so genuine snooping going on as well as dynamic characters. The plot was exciting and the location was perfect!


        • 10! This game was soooooo good. I had no idea who had done it until the very end. (Which I absolutely love) I loved how you got to ride the gondala everywhere.

          2nd best ND game! (right behind Danger by Design)

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          Mysteries I have solved-
          Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon
          Secret of the Old Clock
          Danger by Design
          Creature at Kapu Cave
          Secret at Shadow Ranch
          Treasure in the Royal Tower
          Danger on Deception Island
          The Haunting of Castle Malloy
          The Phantom of Venice
          THe Haunted Carousel
          The White Wolf of Icicle Creek

          Mysteries I am working on-
          Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake
          The Ransom of Seven Ships

          Who loves Linus Van Pelt? I do!!!!


          • Hmm so I gave this game an 8 but now that I think about it, there isn't much wrong with it. The characters are all lovely to talk to, although Helena does at times go on and on. lol I love Colin. I know most people thought he was boring or whatever but I adore that guy and his slides, ok maybe not his slides but I still love him. =]
            I can't remember many puzzles since it's been a while since I last played but I loved playing scopa, that was a very fun card game and whenever I talk of VEN I think SCOPA! (ny) =)
            All in all, 8/10 for VEN
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            • I gave this game a 10! This is my favorite game!



              • I absolutely LOVED this game! It was my favorite out of all the ND games! I just really liked the setting and how we had to go undercover and stuff! The characters were unique too. I played this game like 12 times since I got it and it's still fun every time!

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                • I Loved This Game

                  This was a very fun game. I liked the setting, having lots of places to go. The puzzles and games were fun to do. The only thing that got a little frustrating was trying to get in the right rooms to put out the lasers to steal the sapphire and trying to keep from drowning at the end. I did not finish the game because this was too frustrating. There seemed to be no correct spoiler to help me as the order kept changing. I found who the thief was so I was satisfied. I rated it a 9.
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                  • not enough phantom action


                    • i didnt enjoy this one. i really loved playing the scopa game though lol. but other than that.......i didnt really like it.


                      • I love this game! It is tied for being my favorite! I loved the setting, characters, puzzles, and the whole Italian thing. An awesome game!
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                        • This game was another HUGE success, fun and the setting was awesome!


                          • I just didn't want this one to end....

                            Of course, I haven't wanted any of them to end.

                            Great puzzles, great plot, .......... I thought I would never find that pigeon though! I lucked out on finding it.

                            I love the puzzles the best in all the games.


                            • 10!

                              This game is one of the hardest ones, but it's a good game. Lots of snooping, hard puzzles, interesting characters, and pretty much everything else I love in a Nancy Drew game!

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                              • Fantastic game. One of the most interesting plots of all the games and a beautiful setting. I loved riding the gondolas. The characters were interesting, the puzzles and games were fun, and i loved being able to change clothes and shop. One problem I had is that the tunnel puzzle was super difficult for me. Even after playing it again I had trouble. But the ending was great. Definitely would recommend this game.
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