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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • This game is seriously one of the best. I loved the characters and the card game and just being in Italy. fantastic.
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    • Just realized I never voted on this poll...

      I gave this game 8.5/10 [voted 9]. It has a unique plot among the ND games, a nice change of pace from your typical treasure hunt or ghostly beast mystery set-ups. Good mix of tasks, puzzles, games, and snooping or spying activities. Everything was fresh and interesting, with a bit of a techy edge.

      I hoped for more character interaction and more exploration of Venice itself, but overall it's a great game and I think a necessary one in the series.


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      • I voted 10.

        I was so impressed with this game!

        It was so different and unique from all the games in the series, I thought.

        And, I really liked how you can learn some Italian while playing the game. My knowledge of the Italian language really grew after playing this! Very cool.

        I would definitely recommend it.


        • 7 out of 10. Good job with this. I didn't like the plot, but eveything else was great.


          • 10/10. This is one of HER's best games. The graphics were stunning, the music was excellent, the plot was very good. I mean, who wouldn't want to go undercover in Italy? I liked being able to see what Nancy was wearing. It was fun putting on disguises, and sneaking into the criminal's lair. The ending was very good, one of the best in my opinion. When it was over, I found myself regretting that I had finished it. I immediately played it over again. This is a good game. If you don't have it, get it!
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            • I gave this game a 10/10. The characters were great, the setting was great, and the plot was too. There weren't too many puzzles and when there were puzzles they were fairly easy to figure out. Also, the ending was very surprising and I hadn't suspected the culprit. I highly recommend this game!


              • Venice

                I have played this one about a million times and it is still my favorite of all! I love the characters and the plot. The first time I played this I got a little lost a couple of times but it was worth figuring out. My favs are scopa and the laser tag. The only thing I was dissapointed about is that Nancy tells me clues i dont need and kind of ruins it a littel but not enough to keep me away. I play this game monthly. LOVE IT!


                • 10/10! [So far the only newer game to get a perfect score!]

                  The plot was superb! I actually felt like I was undercover, and it was well developed. The puzzles were fun, and there was the perfect amount of them. There was tons of snooping and undercover work. The setting was gorgeous!

                  The only thing I could say against it would be the dancing (which was weird...) I loved everything else! <3

                  This game is in my top 5! It has all the great aspects of the older games while still feeling modern.

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                  • i gave this game an awesome 10!! i luved this game! plenty to do and i felt it was more of a detective game/secret agent thing or whatever than just casually sleuthing if that makes sense....anyway way to go VEN!!
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                    • I really loved this game my favorite of all games! Please Please HER make more games like these!!! Ive been reading through the commets and most people voted ten. Overall big Hit luv it!

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                      • This game was EXTREMELY good, and the scenery is totally gorgeous!! I thought the whole "crime syndicate" thing was REALLY neat, too. The plot was very good, and it was lots of fun visiting all those places around Venice. The characters were great, and I was totally clueless as to the culprit until the very end. Absolute thumbs up!!
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                        • It had such an intriguing plot and was very exciting! molto buona partita! ("Very good game," in Italian)

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                          • I loved this game. It was hard in some spots, but that's what makes the game interesting. I loved actually feeling like I was 'undercover' with the PDA. I also liked learning some Italian. I just wish they had more than 3 main characters and after one left there was a 50-50 chance on who the bad guy was going to be. It also would've been nice to have a cellphone. Overall it was a great game and I would recommend it!
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                            • 6/10.

                              The game was interesting... but seemed more unbelievable than say, Haunting of Castle Malloy or Waverly Academy.

                              I like the more believable games, like TotTwister or Icicle Creek.

                              The story was good, but seemed to lack some kind of feel that I associate with Nancy Drew. It was almost too extravagant.

                              I liked the surveillance and lock picking things, that seemed like she was in Venice for a good reason... but I didn't like the dancing in a cat suit to beat/electro music.
                              That was a bit too "out there" for a family game, I thought.
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                              • pros and cons

                                -gotta love Italy
                                -learning Italian phrases
                                -feeling like an FBI agent
                                -I loved the Carnivale theme
                                -dressing up in various outfits
                                -and if it weren't for this game, I would have never tried gelato (which is very good btw)
                                -tracking down Nico
                                -Prudence Rutherford

                                -wasn't scary or suspenseful
                                -I was disappointed that you didn't actually go to Carnivale
                                -obvious culprit
                                -getting through sewage
                                -that whole virtual chess thing
                                -tracking down the "pill" without exploding it
                                -security robots
                                -and that ridiculous night club dancing


                                Not the best, but still worth trying out
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