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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    How can any words begin to possibly describe this game ? With the setting, characters, plot, graphics, conversations -- everything -- I would rate it a 10 without a doubt. The puzzles are very challenging and rather fun. Some parts I got very very stuck in, but I came through with the help of my fellow HER members. :] And, as I like it, everyone basically had a reason to be the culprit, it personally surprised me. The ending was unique and original. It was worth buying & playing. All of the games are.


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      I gave this game a 7 out of 10. I loved the plot and all, but it was to short. I was a little disappointed. You wait for so long for a new game and then the game is over before you know it. I would have liked a little more interaction with the characters, more to do, and maybe more puzzles. Shadow Ranch was my favorite. It had a lot to do. Between feeding the horses, baking cakes, picking veggies, that sort of thing, you stayed pretty busy, and then had to figure out what was going on also.


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        I liked the game. It was pretty good. But I wasn't a huge fan of the ending. It was different...a good different. But there was something about the ending that didn't click. If you know what I mean. Overall it was a good game. I loved learning ltalian. I also wish there was more food!

        But I do think the game was worth my 20 bucks!!!


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          I enjoyed this game very much. Besides a few annoyances here and there, I thought it was great!
          9/10 stars HER--awesome job!
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            I loved every minute of this game. Although, I can't say much because this is my second game I have played (although I am deffiently going to play more soon). I have played Phantom of Venice and also Treasure in the Royal Tower. Deffiently worth the money and I'm glad I purchased it. I would recomend this game to a friend if they were looking for a game to play.

            I did get stuck on a few puzzles, but that is all part of the fun. I would get sick of the game if it was easy, and didn't get any brain power to do.

            As you can tell, I loved the game.


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              I loved this game, and everything about it! It deffinately was one of, if not the best, HER interactives games yet. 10/10 totally. The character interaction was amazing, the graphics were stunning, the puzzles challenging, the plot believable and great, and even the atmosphere was just...Beautiful! Congrats to HI for making yet another wonderful game! And thanks, too :D.

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                One of my favorites!

                10/10! This game is definitely one of my favorites - kudos to HI for including almost everything in this game! The characters were interesting, and you had many opportunities for conversation. I absolutely loved being an undercover agent...the tracking devices, spying, lock-picking, and stakeouts were really cool. The scenery/graphics/detail was amazing, of course. There were a lot of Second Chances, which I love, and most of all an exciting ending! I really enjoyed all the tasks we had to do. Oh, and glad to see some easter eggs. The only thing I didn't like was the dancing, because it was so hard. But there were other ways to earn money, so it was fine. I thought it was a great length (some are saying it was too short...maybe I just didn't notice because I played it for an entire day), had a good level of intricacy, and it wasn't too easy. I'd say only Blackmoor Manor surpasses this in drama and intricacy, but I could be forgetting some other games. Congrats on a job well done! I'm really excited about the next game!
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                Secret of Shadow Ranch
                Danger on Deception Island
                Curse of Blackmoor Manor
                Treasure in the Royal Tower
                Phantom of Venice
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                    Two Thumbs up!!

                    I give this game a 9. Mostly due to the lack of scarriness and because it broght back one of my least favorite characters.

                    All in all, I loved the scenery (especially the boat rides)!

                    The plot was good and I liked the characters!

                    It took me four days to solve this game but it was worth it!

                    Thank You HER for a great game!

                    I can't wait for the next game!!


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                      Who's your least favorite character?? My least favorite character is Rick Arlen.

                      By the way, 10/10 on VEN!!!
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                        I absolutely loved this game and gave it a 9 because even in the most amazing game there is room for improvement :D

                        Here is a link to my more 'in depth' insight of the game. If you feel I should add anything just mention it and I will!

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                          I thought ***was awful***. The characters were not interesting you never even got to hardly talk to them, and the story was uninteresting. The puzzles (what little of them that there was) were SO easy I didn't need to use the HER website AT ALL and usually I have to use it at least 3 times to help me out. It wasn't challenging at all. It was boring. The ending was boring too. I was really disappointed, I thought it was going to be really good with a cool location like Venice, Italy. I hope the next one is better...Not even in my favorites at all.

                          I seriously cannot believe that everyone likes it. I don't understand it at all. It was awful...The only good thing I have to say about it was the graphics.

                          I also finished it extremely fast probably in less than 10 hours. What a waste...

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                            I rated this game 9/10, mostly because I can't stand the sound of Prudence Rutherford's voice, it is grating on my ears at the best of times:) I love her personality and the silliness of her character but I wish, like Sonny Joon in other games we could actually SEE her!

                            The storyline definitely did not live up to previous Nancy Drew games, in terms of being scary enough and I spent most of my (Nancy's) time walking around rather than play games which was a waste in itself...

                            The reason I gave it a 9 because I LOVE ND games and can't turn my back on it completely. It was a lot of fun but there is definitely room for improvement!

                            Oh and also, the puzzles I usually have to find a walkthrough for because I'm not that smart but these puzzles, even on Senior mode were just not difficult enough for me and was I the only one who no matter what they did could not win the card game unless we played 5-6 games at a time, drove me nuts!!!! Hope the next game is an improvement, what happened to the programmers and writers for the Crystul Skull, I have to say that was the spookiest (and best) of the ND games so far!

                            Please keep up the good work guys but work a little bit harder next time on these aspects I have explained above


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                              I have mixed feelings about it personally. When I first started out, I was blown away. The suspenseful storyline, the scenary, the characters, the unique puzzles, etc. But as the game moved on I became disappointed. A lot of the puzzles were more action based than puzzle based. The characters started to become uninteresting toward the end, and the ending was too abrupt. I felt the game was too short also, especially after I felt HER hit the nail with CRY's length. I love long games with lots of puzzles and interesting characters, but VEN seemed to fall a bit short in everything. It's by no means a bad game, but not in my top 5 or anything. On my list of favorite ND games (1 being best, 18 being worst) it ranks #8. Good game, only didn't quite meet all my expectations.
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                                This game is my 2nd favorite. I loved this game. It was fun and sneaky and just awesome. Good Job on this one!
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