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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    HER, you've gotten back on your track!

    This is now my second favorite game,
    next to The Last Train to Blue Moon Canyon,
    HER, I can't believe how good this game
    was, it was suspenseful throughout the
    whole game, great job!
    An Amazing 10/10, great job again!

    --Great Sleuth


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      Overall it was a good game - I gave it a 9/10 because it only really scared and made you scream once or twice. And it kind turned in to arcade game towards the end. And for those who say it's to easy? Try it on senior detective! I am when the next game comes out!

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        I have not finished yet, but I love it so far. 10! Oh, yeah, and also:

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          Older Player - Junior or Senior Level?

          I'm an older adult and have played all of the ND games. For those who have all ready played the new game would you say the JR or SR level would be better. I have played the Jr. on all the other ones and some I found easy and some I needed help. Just don't want it to be too easy.


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            I loved it!!

            I loved The Phantom of Venice! HER totally outdid themselves! I gave it a ten! And, thank God, the theme song is back!

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              I gave it a 7... I am sorry but it just wasn't scary enough and the puzzles were just kinda easy... i liked the plot though! verygood! it hasn't been this good for a long time!! So I think HER did a good job with the plot! here is a link to my review: The Phantom of Venice!!
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                I loved this game! It was one of the best Nancy Drew games ever! The puzzels could have been a little harder but they were good! I like how you had a PDA, I thought that was cool! I thought the story line was great! The characters were intresting. Althought one thing on the downside was it was short. Not as long as I thought it would be. Still I gave it a 10/10! I cant wait for the next Nancy Drew game!

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                  AH-mazing! Here is my reveiw, if you want to read it
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                  Really, Nancy? I figured it would magically open on it's own! ♥
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                    I give it nine. I would give ten but I was a little dissappointed in the lack of frightening moments. Other than that, it was absolutely incredible!
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                      The last game I played was Danger by Design and was so repulsed by it that I decided not to play the future games. I felt that HER had lost their touch when the story and sense of mystery was gone, along with their lack of integrity with the way they allowed Nancy to be disrespectful towards the French. This was my biggest reason for being so disgusted with the game.

                      But my little cousin came over to stay with us recently and is a fan of the games so she brought over Phantom of Venice to play. I was afraid this game would be yet another Danger by Design (being set in another foreign country and all) but I must say that Phantom surprised me. Ten minutes into playing it, I was just as intrigued as my cousin was.

                      Phantom displays the elements that made the previous games enjoyable. The story is intriguing as it is "romantic"; the element of mystery and excitment was here; the paranoia factor - as in the feeling that someone is after you - was present; the characters and their nuances were felt; the puzzles and educational material were better and informative; and the dialogue was actually funny again. As for Nancy's manners, I'm happy to see that she was not disrespectful at all towards the Italians - whew! (Non-Italy related but there were a few inaccuracies in the Chinese characters book - I'm Asian - but otherwise nothing else seemed problematic).

                      So overall, kudos to HER for taking the time to make this game quite something. The game is very fun and enjoyable and I would definitely recommend it since it holds up, perhaps exceeding, the standards of the previous installments.

                      Great job!


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                        (jazzy27, I think that with either junior or senior detective you will be given a challenge. Junior provides more hints, which is a positive when you're stuck and don't know what to do. However, it is still challenging. I would recommend that level for you )

                        I rated this game nine out of ten! It was wonderful.
                        Here is my review:
                        Fair warning - it does reveal some tasks in the game, but not the culprit or ending. :)


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                          I gave this just a 5, mostly because it was just too short, the ending came as a complete suprise, I thought I had a way yet to go. I completed it in 3 days which made it quite an expensive game per hour played, and that was in senior mode.

                          I quite enjoyed learning a bit of Italian though, and playing Scopa was my favourite part.


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                            Have played all former ND games but this one gets def a 10/10.
                            Would highly recommend it to someone looking for a game.
                            Not scary so interesting for anybody. Also learing a bit of Italian was a nice feature.

                            Hope the next one is as good as this one (ok much more of a scare factor , but nevertheless can't wait to get my hands on nr 19 MAL !)


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                              Great Game

                              I really liked this one. It was pretty suspensful on some parts and it took me a few days to finish it. I like the games that aren't really easy to finish and take you a little longer to play. It's definately one of my new favorites and I'll want to play it over and over.
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                                I've almost finished the game but for now I think its AWWWWESOME!!!!

                                I jumped when the phantom came up and stole Nancy's locket... but otherwise.. its fun!

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