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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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    I personally really enjoyed this game. In recent years, I thought the games have been lacking some elements that the old games had that were great, but as of late CRY and VEN are getting back to the old ND!
    I loved the setting of VEN; so picturesque and pretty. The characters were realistic and the graphics were the best of all the games so far. The puzzles to me were a little on the easy side, but the tasks in the game are fun and engaging. Nancy acts as a spy and it was really exciting to play as her! Also, I thought the culprit was unexpected and the ending was not too bad.
    Overall a great game!
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      it was ok, i mean the only real parts i liked were the phantom~ who you only get to see ONCE! and the stakout! otherwise it was pretty boring.
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        10! Rock on, HER!

        Okay, I was kinding to feel as if HER was kind of running out of Nancy Drew magic - as in the feeling you get when you're starting a game, solving puzzles, confronting suspects, the feeling you get when you know you're so close to the end, and the feeling you get when you solve it. These are actually key parts to me and I think VEN gave you most of those feelings. I loved how during the whole couse of the game, Nancy does undercover work and all of her priorties are investigtion-related. I can't say it was the most suspenseful ND game, but it was better than most. Like goldenslueth said, VEN was beautiful, but something was missing. It was the essence of it all. I know there's no way to capture all of Venice's elegance without actually going, but VEN did grasp most of it. I still gave it a ten because even though the game was a bit predictable, right when you think you've got it, you actually don't, which is somewhat unpredictable in some ways. The characters had expressions that matched their words, not emotionless faces and repeating gestures. Great job, HER!
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        The Creature of Kapu Cave
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          Game Reviews!!! 9 Phantom Of Venice!!!

          I liked the game overall except I didn't like that you did not actually know who the phantom was it wasn't one of the susspects that we actually met that was a letdown but I gave it a 9 overall good game!!

          P.S. I did not like doing the mosaics it was not fun at all!!!( just saying)


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            I really enjoyed the game. I think that the creators of this game (whatever they are called, I forgot) did an excellent job when it comes to graphics. There was emotion in all of the character's expressions and every expression connected with what they said. There wasn't that whole blank stare or repeating motions thing. I think the plot was good, it kinda ended fast. I think that HER did a fantastic job. I give it a 10, not only for the quality but for the effort. I think that we all shouldn't forget how much effort goes into each of these games. Thank you HER.


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              I absolutely loved
              this game.
              It is probably my second
              or third favorite. To everyone
              who doesn't have this game yet:
              GET IT!
              Much love,


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                I gave this game a 10 but it deserves a 15!

                This game was great! Loved the setting and the charectors and playing scopa. Me and my sister (who loves this game too!!) still play scopa when we're bored. I definently recomend it to everyone!
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                  Possibly my favorite NANCY

                  I really enjoyed playing Phantom of Venice with my friends. The game had a great, intruiging plot and a fun setting. You can go all over the city to pick up clues and explore. The puzzles were a little complicated, but it's not too frustrating if you have a hints website to resort to (sometimes it's necessary for your sanity). And I must say the graphics are more realistic and fun as Nancy technology develops. These more modern games are actually really great and Nancy just gets better with time. From the beginning as an amateur sleuth in River Heights, she's now a cunning, experienced detctive who's great to work with. Keep on churning out those games, Her Interactive!


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                    fun game/ a bit hard

                    I liked the game ALOT. I did find the key lock, water tunnels and water knobes too hard. Otherwise I really liked it. So glad to see the new 'second chance'. I used to hate hearing all the dialogue repeated in the prior games.In this one you just hit 'yes' or 'no'. Great!
                    I love doing these with my kids. Along with reading Nancy books to them. So I hope you make more games, and not too scary please-
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                    picked on of the 7 ships
                    Been scared at Castle Malloy
                    Been frightened by the Phantom of Venice
                    Pet the white wolf
                    Climbed to Kapu Cave
                    Wound the old clock
                    Sea dove on deception Island
                    Rode the carolsel
                    Saw the red hand
                    Fund treasure in the Roal Tower
                    Wrote a message in a haunted castle
                    Tuned into danger
                    Known secrets can kill


                    • It went a little too fast. At the end, when you capture the bad guy, you're like 'That's it? No more?' I rated a five. Probably the 2nd to worst Nancy Drew Game. It is good, but comparing to other ND games, it wasn't that great.


                      • I rated it a 9. It's my second favorite Nancy Drew game. To find out why, check out my review.
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                        • I loved this game

                          This is one of my favorite games. My other favorite was Danger by Design, Kapu Cave and Shadow Ranch. I love the Venice location. People complain it was not scary, but I thought that trying to keep from drowning in the tunnel was very scary. It was a blast, and I like Scopa and dancing at Club Mico.


                          • venice ROCKS!

                            me and my friend LOVE the gelato,
                            we think going through the trash was creepy
                            and my mom never is tired of another game of scopa


                            • I think this is my 5th ND game and I'd give it an 8.


                              I didn't have to come to this board for help much at all. Once or twice, I think. And I didn't use spoilers, just a hint.

                              I liked the gondolas, buying stuff, going undercover with costume, and the warehouse part.

                              Scopa was really fun. I need that game for real.

                              I've never played an ND game twice, but I feel I could do it with this game and move up to Senior Detective and have fun with it.


                              The tunnel stuff was pretty difficult and time-consuming, but the capture of the culprit was over too quickly.

                              I did not find both easter eggs (only one) and didn't know some other things you could do in the game until the end.

                              Not enough people in it. Very few characters.

                              The door locks got annoying.

                              I'm glad it wasn't spooky. I like suspense, though, and this didn't have it.
                              It's up to you as Nancy Drew!


                              • I did like that you could choose Nancy's outfit!
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