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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • I gave it a six.

    I feel that the characters weren't as involved as i wanted them to be, and somethings made no sense to me. I stopped a couple times and was like "Why am i doing this again?" because i honestly didn't remember. The first time i played the game, i did some random things because i was bored and i didn't know what to do, so then i wasted all my money.


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    • I voted 10. I loved the characters, the setting...the music especially, I'm still humming it! I thought the plot was very creative, and the ending was amazing! My absolute favorite, worth every penny I payed and every seconds I spent playing!


      • In my review I gave the game a 7.5/10 so I just rounded it up to an 8 for this poll. Reading the reviews I'm surprised so many people disliked it! It's definitely one of the better games in my opinion and definitely the best new one after CLK.

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        • I really liked this game, although the water tunnels and jewels were very pesty!!! My brother and I love to play Nancy Drew, but this wasn't the best one. I wish Bess and George were there, not Prudence Rutherford. However, I liked how you worked with GdiF and they gave you assignments. Scopa was very fun and it inspired me to play it at home! I liked how you spied on Antonio Fango! I also liked pretending to be Samantha Quick and fooling the man at the House of Games. The ending wasn't good at all. It was very easy and it was very boring when you saved yourself from the place with the water. I wish the ca' was bigger and you could snoop through people's rooms. My brother found many glitches though. Overall, HER did a decent job, but I hope they step it up for The Castle of Malloy (I don't know if that's the correct title, though) My favorite part was the setting! I loved being in Venice! I encourage HER to keep making ND games! Next time, more snooping, please!
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          • You could go a lot of places in this game. It was fun and exciting and I gave it an 8. Another good one Herinteractive!
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            • Although I gave it an 8, this wasn't the best game HER has made.

              Things I disliked:
              As previously stated, the Ca' was too small, and there wasn't enough snooping
              around in the suspects rooms. I didn't think anyone at the Ca' were very strange.
              All seemed to be your average normal people. I disliked who the culprit was,
              and the ending was cool, but it was sorta dumb. There were only two scary parts
              throughout the whole entire game; and there were no creepy places either.
              To me, this wasn't a real Nancy Drew game. It was on a more professional
              level with the police (which was fun for this game) but I hope there aren't many others like this.

              Things I loved:
              The graphics were wonderful,
              the tunes were fun and catchy, there were tons of places to explore outside,
              and working undercover for the GDiF was soooo fun!


              • I've played 5 ND games including this one. Honestly, this is one of my favorites. The only reason why I gave it a 9 instead of a 10 is because the tunnels and the darn warehouse with the lazer guys were WAY too hard, IMO. I doubt I could have gotten through either w/out help! Oh.. I think the mosaic puzzle was fun, but did we need to do 4 things of it? It's somewhat tedious if you ask me. LOL

                That said, I just LOVE the graphics, I love the story, I loved playing Scopa! (I want to find an Italian deck of cards and play for real I love that they make you learn some basic Italian, and you get to use it later. (That's probably the neatest thing about these games- you actually learn something!)

                I play all of these games with my 6 yr old daughter, and she thinks they're great!! I can't wait for the next one to come out!


                • Pretty Good

                  I think that the game was ok. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be and I agree that it didn't really seem right that Nancy was working with the police. The characters got pretty boring pretty fast and I didn't like how the ending involved people we never talked to. That being said, I loved the graphics, the music was definitely very Italian and enjoyable, and I liked the fact that I was able to figure it out without a walkthrough (though I did almost give in at certain points).


                  • I was disappointed.

                    I passed all 18 games. This one was the most short, boring and, I suppose, you invented not much (exactly none) of puzzles. I and my sister spent only 4 houers to playing. Train, Blackmoor and The Legend of Cristal Scull were the most interesting games of series. I beg my pardon for my poor English. I am from Russia. But I wanted so much to be heard.


                    • A little tedious and I'm not entirely pleased with it, was good. I gave it an eight (the link to my review is in my sig). I haven't given games 13-17 anything higher than a seven so...that's an improvement, at least.
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                      • I voted 8. I enjoyed it, but it seemed to go too fast. That was probably my fault though, since I had to cheat. It was interesting, but some of the puzzles seemed too difficult.

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                        • I Voted 8, I thought that was really interesting and funny at parts. Overall I thought it was my second favorite mystery.


                          • Great!!

                            This game was great!
                            The Characters were great
                            The Places were great
                            Ned was great
                            It all was great! One of my faves!


                            • I LOVED this game! I voted 9!
                              To see my opinions about VEN, click on the link.
                              Nancy In Venice~a spoiler-free review
                              I also had fun eating yummy gelato!!
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                              • I loved this game! Scopa was awesome.
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