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Review of a fan of Nancy Drew!!

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  • Review of a fan of Nancy Drew!!

    Okay, some of the games were scarier, some were harder, and some were a lot different, but this was a great, challenging game. You had to think about different things, try new skills, and take a lot of notes. There were a lot of fun things from the other games like characters, notes and more. Hopefully I will see you in Venice!
    Chaio ~jnewsom3
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    i learned that secrets can kill
    i stayed tune for danger
    i read the message in the haunted mansion
    i found the treasure in the royal tower
    i acted in the final scene
    i heard the secret of the scarlet hand
    i petted the ghost dogs of moon lake
    i took a ride on the haunted carousel
    i saw danger by design
    i captured the creature of kapu cave
    i captured the phantom of venice
    i searched the ransom of the seven ships

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