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○SleuthSister's Review of VEN○

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  • ○SleuthSister's Review of VEN○

    ○SleuthSister's Review of VEN○
    This game was not a bad game at all, though it's probably not my favorite. The mystery was good. The characters were fine. The graphics were definitley modern; mostly great! Changing Nancy's clothes/shopping was fun! The puzzles were okay, most weren't too hard; I used a spoiler for one 'puzzle'/part, and some hints/help for others. HerInteractive did a great job with this high-quality game. The ending was okay, maybe a bit dissapointing. It [the ending] was neat, though. The length was not bad, maybe a little short it seemed, but, really, thinking back, not too horribly bad. This is a game that should be tried out, it's new and fresh!

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    I completely agree with you! Personally, my favorite part was playing Scopa!, and the grapics were amazing. I do agree that the ending could have been a little better. I thought it was maybe a little choppy at the end....

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      Scopa was my favorite thing about this game as well.

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