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  • Office?

    Okay, so I just picked the lock at Fango's office and I don't know what order to adjust the springs.

    Spoilers welcome

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    Use the book you can buy at the newsstand to see how the tumblers inside need to be set.

    Better Hint:
    The tumblers you see after picking the lock are a random puzzle—they change every time you approach it. The object is to line up all the lines on each bar with the line on the lock itself. Some of the tumblers move multiple tumblers when you click on them; other move only one.

    If you want the details on how to solve the lock puzzle:

    First determine which bars move only one bar when you click on them.
    Then determine which ones move two (or sometimes more) when you click on them. Start by moving the ones that change multiple bars at the same time—get them into position so that their middle line matches up with the line on the lock. Then do the ones that move only themselves.


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      they each need to be
      3 notches down from the top


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        There are no spoilers for this one, but here are some tips:
        There is something at the newsstand that will help you with this. You want to adjust them so that the center line on each one of the tumblers matches up with the line down the middle of the lock. Begin with finding the ones that move the most and work from there, leaving the one(s) that only move themselves for last.
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