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Music box, microdot, sapphire, Gina

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  • Music box, microdot, sapphire, Gina

    I really need help, been years since I played. I have looked at other post but still lost. In my task list I have
    There must be a reason why Fango keeps music box in his file cabinet...find out what it is.
    See if the combination I found on the microdot Fango attached to that pigeon opens anything interesting.
    Gain Enrico Tazza's trust by stealing the Sadal Melik Sapphire for him.
    See if the Gina that Tazza was talking about is the same Gina that's on the Computer in Fango's office

    I have played chess using each 3 dates moves at separate times, can't make scence to I unscramble all the letters together?
    I can't talk to anyone. Only thing I can see that needs a code is near the dumpster but it only needs 4 numbers not 5.
    I have seen in other post something mentioned about flyer & using fax

    Can anyone please help hint or spoilers welcome

    I worked out all the words from chess game are in the Dossier
    but still lost 😊
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    It seems that you need to do the chess puzzle. I answered your other post regarding the letters so that should get you moving.
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      Thank you so much for both post 😃😃😃😃