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Margarita gone, and nothing else to do.

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  • Margarita gone, and nothing else to do.

    I am completely stuck and I just need to know a hint towards one thing that will trigger the game moving forward.
    I just
    solved the Chinese puzzle box and I handed the sapphire over to Tazza (and played many scopa games after).
    Margarita is also gone, and after running around all the locations and re-looking at everything neither she nor Colin have returned.
    My checklist has:
    -Finding what the microdot code opens, which I have search but found nothing with a 5# input.
    -The music box, which I’m guessing probably has something to do with that fax machine, but I wasn’t sure what the key for that was.
    -Asking Margarita about her argument, which I can’t do because she won’t return.
    -Looking in Fango’s office for connection to the card list. I found the card collection (missing three 10, an eight, and a 1 cup) and the missing eight separately (not on the communication key), but nothing gets triggered by me re-looking at it after finding the communication key. I tried to find more cards but found none.
    Also I've tried spying on Fnago and nothing happens.

    I talked to Ned/Joe and Rutherford as much as I could and to Helena.

    Please give hint if you can rather than spoiler.
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    I figured it out. Apparently, there is somthing I missed
    in my room

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