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  • Not happy at all

    I am a ND freak and have all but one game as of right now. Secrets of Shadow Ranch is the most buggiest game I have ever seen. I have had to got through and do several tasks over again, more than once, despite saving it LONG after what had to be repeated. What is up with this game? I feel I have wasted my money on this one and will never get to the end at this rate!!

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    I find that expectations can be a lot of the problem. Yes, this game is hard, but when you first began playing it what was your initial expectation? Where you expecting it to be easy? Really entertaining? Personally, SHA was not my favorite. However, I thought it a pretty fun game. My expectations were not extremely high when I played it. Thus, I was pleased.
    Try setting expectations a bit low for games. Every one of HeR's games has gone above and beyond my expectations, because when you set them a bit lower, it helps you appreciate what they are working really hard to do. They can't please everyone, after all.

    Just my thoughts.

    Shadow :)


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      My expectations were that when I went to save the game it would save it where I was and not put me in some other far off place that I was not at and make me repeat what I have already done, going on the fifth time now.


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        I think that's probably a technical problem you're game did not do that. Sorry to hear it's giving you so much trouble!


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          It's the game. Every time I save it I get put somewhere else other than where I was when I saved it and everything I have done up to that point is wiped out. It has to be the game and not my computer.


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            It sounds like a bad disk. Try contacting Her Interactive directly and they might replace the disk for you. I haven't heard of others having that problem, so I suspect it's just the disk.
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              I agree with the above poster about it possibly being a bad disc. It could also be a corruption in the game file. I've played this game over and over since it first came out and have never had a single problem.

              Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game to see if the file somehow got corrupted?

              Does the disc appear damaged in any way? Even if it looks brand-new it can still be a problem with the disc. I had that happen to me once, with a non-ND game. I couldn't see anything wrong with the disc, but it just wouldn't play right. I ended up replacing it with another one and that solved my problem.


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                My game was buggy too! I'm utterly shocked that I was actually able to get to the end! I'm really sorry you're having this problem - otherwise it was an okay game.
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