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Loved the game, Didnt like the end

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  • Mirica
    I agree, but I do like how it was somewhat close to the book.

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  • nancydrewuser49
    started a topic Loved the game, Didnt like the end

    Loved the game, Didnt like the end

    I thought that this was a greeat! game, until i got to the "ancient cliff dwellings" part. It was sooo frustrating! I had to do it at least 3 times because i got lost. you couldnt rotate around, you only had a few controls. I go t SO. Annoyed! if you missed a pot because you couldnt see it, you had to start all over. I eventually got it though.
    Other than that, this game was amazing!! So fun, it took a little work to get though, but all nancy drew games do :D I would recomend this gamme!