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*Removed* A review by .: kool kat:. (Edited - Ri)

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  • *Removed* A review by .: kool kat:. (Edited - Ri)

    Ropin', ridin' and revenge. A ranch vacation takes a terrifying turn when a ghostly horse appears in this mystery game. Is it driven by the vengeful commands of its long-dead master, Dirk Valentine? Or is a living villain behind the ranch's string of bad luck? It's up to you, as Nancy Drew, to figure out who's wearing the black hat before your investigation is ambushed!

    Boring some?
    I admit that the " Ropin Ridin and Revenge" has a good ring, but the plot line wasnt realy that good. I mean, I expected a better plot. It kinda seemed as if they edited the idea of Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake and made the dogs into a horse....


    I really likethe western setting and all the scenery, like catuses, tumbleweeds blowing by... lol it really matched the game perfectly and had a certain charm to it.



    Shorty Thurmond-
    The ranch cook, Shorty, is more talkative than the other two ranch hands combined. He also loves to cook, and takes great pride in the food he serves. So criticizing his meals is a recipe for disaster.
    Okay...Shorty kinda creeped me out. Something about him made me think "ugh!"

    Tex Britten-
    Tex is an old-fashioned cowpoke. His cynical attitude reflects the fact that he feels much more at home with horses and cattle than with humans. He's a terrible conversationalist (his favorite word is “nope”), and he not-so-secretly enjoys putting Nancy in situations that he thinks she can't handle.
    Tex is so grumpy! But I think its all show. He was always makng me have to do all these exausting chores.

    Dave Gregory-
    As the ranch foreman, Always polite, somewhat shy, Dave is a man of business and frustratingly few words. He is truly a “modern” cowboy, into sports, music, and the outdoors. He is not above trying to use his looks to charm his way out of awkward situations.
    The first time I saw Dave I fell in love! He was such a gentleman with his old fashioned way of talking. At first he was so shy that was starting to wonder If we would get past nancy's famous phrase " I'll let you get back to work" but everything turned out just right!

    Mary Yazzi-
    This single woman is part Native American and runs a store on land that is adjacent to Shadow Ranch. Mary knows all about the history of the area and she is interested in purchasing the Ranch for herself. Is she trying to scare away the ranch owners so they'll agree to sell it to her?
    For some strange reason, Mary Really reminded me of myself. Maybe because Im part Native American too? i dunno lol. I liked her personality a lot.

    Rate: 9/10

    For a game this early I believe that this game had really good graphics, Although, sometimes when they were talking their lips werent in sync with the sound. Since technology want so advanced then I'm going to rate it..


    The bad thing was that it didnt last long :(


    The puzzles in this game werent too hard or to easy.
    I believe that this was one of my favorite games and the puzzles had a lot to do with it.

    Rate: 10/10

    You didnt snoop but like, twice.

    Rate: 5/10

    This game would probably be good for those who scare easy if your looking fr a scary game. I liked it anyway and the ghost town was pretty eerie by itself.
    1 being completly unscary and 10 being super scary..

    Rate: 5/10

    There was a fair amount of mini-games but they were fun so i guess thats that. I do wish that they had some more challanging ones though.

    OMG! I hated it!
    end of story.
    (no pun intended. lol)

    Rate: 4/10

    Being one of my favorite games and finding it pretty awesome I give it a total rating of....

    *D r u m r o l l*


    Thanks For Reading!!

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