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    Alright, it's time for yet another! :D

    I want to start off with the music for this game. Absolutely perfect. My most favorite music in the entire Nancy Drew series, hands-down. My favorite tracks are "Francis" and "Dirk", by far.

    As for the setting: Perfect as well! I loved the desert setting and the ranch. Arizona is one of the most beautiful states, and I've been there many times and I love it there. They did a great job of showing off the setting in this game. The way you get from place to place is also excellent and original.

    The characters - each has their own distinct personality. I also didn't see the culprit coming at all. (Compared to some games where I had a bit of a strong hunch and was correct) They were all really well developed, and you got to hear about all the characters' relationships with each other. The characters in this game were excellent.

    The plot? It kind of has become a cliche in the ND series now, but at the time it was new and it worked quite well. The back story of Dirk Valentine was wonderful.

    The puzzles? Not too hard, but I remember vegetable picking being confusing the first time playing. Some were rather tedious. Many also had the repetitive "chores" feeling to them. But compared to other games with "chore" puzzles, these weren't nearly as repetitive. Suspenseful events were also placed throughout the plot to keep it going as well.

    The ending? Gosh this one took me forever to figure out. Probably one of my favorites, right after FIN's. The post game explanation was, well, unbelievable, as usual, but that's not too uncommon now in the series, as it is a game after all. :P

    This was also the first game to use the new, less-bulky interface. Not the "sleek" interface introduced in ICE to this day, but one that still had the look of the "classic" interface in some ways. I don't know why HER chose to get rid of it after game 15, because I'd have to say that this was one of my favorite game interfaces out of the three. Only thing that the "sleek" interface has that this doesn't is the ability to save at any point in the game, even in conversation.

    My overall rating? 9/10. Perfect, aside from a few repetitive puzzles that were like "chores"....

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    Great Review!

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