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The Secret of Shadow Ranch review :D (A must read)

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  • The Secret of Shadow Ranch review :D (A must read)

    The Secret of Shadow Ranch:

    Nancy, Bess & George are invited to Shadow Ranch by the owners (Bess & Georges Aunt & Uncle); Mr. & Mrs. Rawley, for a real Arizona vacation. Tragedy strikes when Mr. Rawley is bit by a rattlesnake the day before Nancy arrives, Bess & George's plane gets delayed, and a phantom white horse is seen galloping into the ranch, causing quite a scare. Then there's talk of a mysterious treasure left behind by outlaw Dirk Valentine from the 1880s, for his sweetheart, Francis Humber. You as Nancy Drew will investigate the strange happenings and get to the bottom of this, before another tragedy strikes!
    I actually enjoyed the plot, I thought it was well thought out & developed. I liked that there was also a subplot. The phantom horse combined with Dirks treasure was an added bonus.
    I give the Plot 8/10!

    Dave Gregory: A wrangler that works for the Rawleys. His personality is laid back, quiet, and shy. He is very serious about his work and he's worried with the Rawleys gone, none of the chores will get done. But with Nancy there, she'll make sure that doesn't happen! Is it true what they say? Is it always the quiet ones?

    Shorty Thurmond: The ranch cook. He is the most talkative person in the game. He's very personable and will always have a chore or two for you to do. Shorty loves to gossip, he also has get rich quick schemes that never seem to work out. Could he be up to more than just cooking?

    Tex Britten: Positively unfriendly! Tex is the head wranger at the ranch. You can't go riding ol' Bob without asking Tex and answering 10 questions which you have to get all right. He won't ask you these questions every time you want to go out but he will the first time, to make sure you know what you're doing. He has a gruff voice, and standoffish personality. He doesn't even say Hi when you first meet him. Is he hiding something underneath that frosty disposition?

    Mary Yazzie: A local Native-American who owns a jewelry store next to the land of Shadow Ranch. She has done business with the Rawleys before but they've just rejected her offer to buy some land on Shadow Ranch. Is she convincing everyone Shadow Ranch is haunted so she can have the property?

    I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by the cast. Very different people but all together, a good group. I think it helps when there is a diverse group and they're all there for a reason.
    I give Characters 9/10!

    The setting was in the good ol' south of Arizona. Nothing but blue skies and... desert. Seriously though, it was beautifully made. Everything looked real, the sunflower garden where the vegetables are that you have to pick. The shed, the corral, the horses, the barn, the house, the kitchen, and the ghost town! Loved it! It was very homey, and definitely had a southern feel. I think the graphics on this game were definitely the best. Absolutely in the top 3 of all ND games.
    I give Setting/Graphics 9/10!

    Game play/Puzzles
    I thought it was fairly easy to get around. I liked how if you put the cursor to the side it would rotate the view, I feel that helped a lot. Yes, the chores were very tedious. Especially since you had to do them everyday. It wasn't fun getting yelled at when you picked vegetables that weren't ripe (even if you wrote down exactly which ones to pick that you looked up on Nancys phone and still, somehow, was wrong!) Also, the measurements baking the cake were odd but they were necessary in having the game progress or if you needed something from Shorty. Some of the puzzles were easy, some were downright difficult to the point that you needed a cheat. Honestly, I couldn't have finished the game without them, especially the last puzzle. Oy!
    I give the Game play 7/10 & Puzzles 5/10!

    Music/Scare factor
    When I was re-playing this the other day I made a point to listen to the music, and it. was. awesome! Absolutely perfect, spot on. HeR absolutely 100% captures the southern, cowboy, horse ridin' drawl in the music. Just perfect!
    Is this game scary? ---> . Nope. Nothing jumps out at you or causes you to fall out of your chair. Sure, its got a creepy element but nothing that will make you turn on a light or hide under your pillow.

    I give Music 10/10 & Scare factor 1/10!

    Pretty good ending! Culprit was surprising, throughout the game I kind of didn't think to guess who it was because so much was going on. I thought everyone had a motive and I was surprised when it happened. The ending is confusing and I definitely needed a cheat for it. I know some people will disagree that the culprit was kind of obvious and looking back, I get that. But when I was playing I was clueless haha.
    I give the Ending 7.5/10!

    Definitely a classic ND game! I get why people like this game, everything was well done, put together, educational, and interesting. I like that HeR mixed it up a bit, being outside a haunted house, mansion, or manor and you were outdoors and riding horses. I have to admit I really didn't like this game at first or have any interest in playing it since I don't like westerns but this definitely changed my perspective of all that. I had fun playing it, and you will too! If you had fun you won :P
    I give an overall score of: 8/10!

    Thank You for reading my review, I apologize if it was lengthy but there is a lot to say lol. Please comment if you have any questions, concerns, and/or your own review of SHA. Thanks agin!
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    Quick Question....

    I get scared really easily, does anything pop out? And is there anything at the ending that would scare me? I love a good mystery but...I don't want to have nightmares ! Thanks1


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      Great review. Nothing scary about it at all. The Phantom horse was beautiful to watch, in my opinion. The only spooky (not scary) was Dry Creek cause it was an old ghost town and once when Nancy said, "I get the feeling I am not alone", I thought something was going to jump out at me but never did. No worries there. As far as the end........the only scary part was when you couldn't escape, and the culprit caught up to you and said, "Here's ()". Sorry can't mention the name. But that was a little creepy other than that I loved it.
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        Thank you!! I agree the only scary-ish part was in the ghost town, the music definitely added to that creep factor. There's a part when you're in the ghost town in the old saloon that made me jump but it was that scary.
        Also played & finished, ICE, CRY. CLK & TRN