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The Secret of Shadow Ranch - A review by felicity18

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  • The Secret of Shadow Ranch - A review by felicity18

    I really like this game because its based on a Nancy Drew book from the original series. I really like the characters that we meet in this game. Dave is a charming cowboy and your typical nice guy. I enjoyed talking to him about his distant relative of Frances Humber. Tex to me always seemed to be in a bad mood every time I talked to him. Mary Yazzi is fun and interesting because she's dating Tex and that's just a little weird and really prove the meaning of opposites attract. Shorty is interesting and I enjoy talking to him because he likes to gossip or as he puts it, he's fascinated by the human condition.

    What I like the most about this game is the mystery surrounding Dirk Valentine and France Humber. I really enjoyed hearing about their love story even though it ended in tragedy. One of my favorite parts of the fame was seeing the phantom horse during the bonfire. The mystery has great complexity and dimension to it.

    The only thing that I didn't like was the puzzle at the rock with the stripes because the first time that I did that puzzle it was difficult to do. However with the help of a cheat that I discovered this part of the game had become a lot easier.

    I didn't like that the fate of the treasure wasn't revealed at the end of the game. I would of liked to have known who ended up with the treasure. I feel like its the missing piece of the story. All in all this is a really great game and really fun to play.

    So I give The Secret of Shadow Ranch a 9 out of 10.