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What did you think of this game?? (NO spoilers please)

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  • 8/10

    This game was okay. The story/plot, music, setting, and characters were all okay. However, the culprit was pretty easy to figure out quickly. And as I said before, everything was okay. Nothing too awesome or horrible. A pretty strong game, but not exciting.


    • Good game!

      I like the old games better then some of the newer ones. This game was great! The puzzles, although challenging were not designed for a mathematical genius. There were lots of area's to explore and the characters were like able. I gave it a 9.


      • 9/10

        I loved playing this game it was a great the only reason I didn't give this a 10/10 is because I didn't like having to take the horse everywhere. I mean it makes a lot of sense for the game but personally I didn't like all the extra clicking half the time I would sit there going hurry up I wanna go here already why does it have to take so long.
        I always enjoy nancy drew because i love secret passageways and exploring them. My only concern is that I'm surprise that no one ever redecorates of that all the parts were still there even though logically it wouldn't work out that way. Oh well just a game, that i would definitely recommend to others
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        • I gave this game full marks. There were references to the book which was its jumping off point; the activities gave a brief view of ranch life; and the George character was punctuated by a book that was about fashion stuff.

          (Every time I read or see any references to the original books, I wince. The final authority has declared that the George Fayne history is-- officially-- incorrect. In book history, soon-to-born George was expected to emerge as a boy. He would have been named after a grandpa. When a baby girl was born, the parents kept the name and [possibly] were before their time. They had a girl with a boy's name! So in the game, it was good that George got the old fashion book even if we did not get the story of her family and her name. We only knew that she and Bess were related to the Rawleys. It is not good that I seem to be one of a few people who know the truth about George and her name, which is not Georgia. In the twentieth first century, we should note that in a sociological sense, George and her family were trend setters. We should not have to deal with a revised history.

          Every time I saw the triangle hanging from the porch eave, I thought of the cook from the book. She was something! Every time I saw Shorty or heard him whining about something, I wondered. Was this another instance of anti-gender-expectation-ism? When I heard Shorty yodeling, I was glad for the end of Day 1. It was time for a new set of adventures.

          The back and forth conversation between Bet, Ed, and Nancy was amusing. Ed needed to be tough in order to deal with a new ranch and ranch life in general. He did not need to be tough and ignore his health. Bet knew how to handle him. (Oh, Ed..."):D

          The brief view of ranch life might have thrilled or irritated gamers. The daily demands must be met, regardless of clever or eager a young sleuth might be. Horses must eat. Crops must be tended. Food must be prepared. In Nancy's world in River Heights, Hannah Gruen performed many of the daily tasks so that Nancy had more free time for sleuthing. At the ranch, people were absent and it was necessary for Nancy to fill in and do their work so that the Shadow Ranch would function day after day. The ranch chores necessarily structured Nancy's days and activities. First, she did chores. Then, she completed her riding lessons. Finally, she was free to take ol' Bob and go somewhere else.

          There were no fancy schmancy pyrotechnic, fantastical things in the game except for the phantom horse and little events surrounding that. This is in keeping with the Arizona desert. It is brown, and green, and gray, and daily, and constant. The sunrises and sunsets really are vibrant and in contrast to the drab earth tones. Gamers who wanted razzle -dazzle would not get it from SHA. Gamers who appreciated the desert and its history would enjoy a visit to too-hot Arizona where friends did not appear (but a phantom horse showed up a few times).
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