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Take a Ride to Shadow Ranch!

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  • nancyd7573
    Really great review! i like the way you set it up, and all of the detail!

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  • earthgirl09
    started a topic Take a Ride to Shadow Ranch!

    Take a Ride to Shadow Ranch!

    The Beginning
    My third review today! I am on a role! Why ride to Shadow Ranch? Because of all the strange stuff happening lately. First, a phantom horse has been running by at night, then when it leaves, something devious happens. Mr. Rawley got bitten by a rattlesnake! Ed and Bet Rawley are the owners of the ranch and aunt and uncle of Bess and George. They invite them over, and invite Nancy to come along too. Can Nancy find out what's going on? (Yes!)

    earthgirl09 Presents...
    Take a Ride to Shadow Ranch!

    The Good
    • Graphics were way better here than in many other games.
    • There were 4 different characters with different personalities.
    • The music was very western!
    • Each day we had chores, like on a real ranch!
    • The history used in the game tied well in with the quest of the story; finding Dirk Valentine's treasure and the culprit!
    • Each one of the characters had a secret to protect. But only one had the largest....
    • The ending had that fast-thinking pressure on you kind of thing. I like it, because you don't know if the culprit is right behind you!
    • The culprit was a smart choice because he/she tied in with an earlier discovery.
    • A long and difficult game.
    • Many of the puzzles were easy to medium level, a good mode.
    • There was nothing bad about the game!
    The Cast
    Dave Gregory - the handyman who works at the ranch. Always busy fixing that chicken coop. Busy guy. (Tee-hee.) He's really quiet, adding a mysterious clue to his profile. Could he be quiet so no one would suspect him guilty, try to vandalise the ranch, and look for treasure in peace?
    Shorty Thermund - One talkative cook who sure loves to gossip! He's a good talker, bad cook. I don't think I want him lamb ragoot. He's always cooking that soup, but doesn't want no one to look in that drawer. Could there be treasure maps are plans to sabotage the ranch in there?
    Tex Britten - The horse rangler. (Did I mention the horses?) He's CREEPY. If you don't do this, you can't ride. Don't do this, you get kicked off the ranch. Didn't do this? Too bad, cowgirl. So don't get on his bad side.
    Mary Yazzie - A lady who owns a little store that sells petroglyphs, bought things, and western related books. Apparently, she wants to buy this property on the ranch. Could if be the part of land with treasure?

    The Fun
    • How did we get around? By horse! Get ready to meet our horse, Bob. He's a beauty, all right. Too bad he's a scaredy cat.
    The End
    Another hug? Wow. A perfect ride to the ranch, no traffic, no obstacles, no nothing. I would definately have to rate this game a 10/10. Feedback wanted! Please follow the four R's.