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  • ϟ SHA Review. Saddle up.

    Secret of
    Shadow Ranch.

    T h e P l o t ;
    Bess and George invite you to stay with them on their aunt and uncle's ranch, to which you oblige. You arrive before they do only to find out that they are going to be stuck at the airport for some time and that Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed are at the hospital due to a rattlesnake injury. What more could go wrong? Before long you see the mysterious shadow horse that's brought about all of this rotten luck. And not to mention that everybody seems to know about and want to find mysterious Dirk Valentine's treasure. Is this all a clever ploy to clear everybody off of Shadow Ranch? How much longer until more danger strikes?
    Enjoy your stay at Shadow Ranch whilst riding horses and baking a beautiful cake.

    Good Things:
    * The plot is centered around a ranch, with horses that you can actually ride. Yessir.
    * There were plenty of people to chat up on your phone.
    * The chores were actually very enjoyable.
    * Whenever you find letters/whatever from years ago, I really adore how it has their voice reading it.
    * Treasure hunting.

    Bad Things:
    * Ripe vegetables were giving me problems.
    * The ranch workers hardly talk to you.

    Places To Explore;
    Ranch House; It felt really cozy whenever you're inside, like I would imagine and actual ranch house would. However, it was a little small, and I found myself wondering the whole game where everybody slept at night. My favorite part would probably have to be the little kitchen. It was just very cozy and warm feeling.
    Outside on the Ranch; When you look around you can feel the heat and know that you're in the Arizona desert. I thought that it was really well drawn and put together, especially the chicken coop, pump house and the stable.
    Stable; It was cute, the horses were adorable and it definitely screamed horse stable. The tack room looked exactly how it would look in any other barn/stable. It was all good. I loved it.
    Mary's Gifts; This little store is run by Mary, who seems to have accumulated some interesting items from a locked chest to arrowheads. It was a cute little shop.
    Trail Stop; Here is where you get a taste of the wondrous Arizona desert. There really aren't that many places to walk around to, but it does look authentic.
    Cougar Bend; This part of the desert is just really beautiful, you'll seriously have to see for yourself. It has great importance to the game, and it's not too bad to look at either.
    Dry Creek; The ghost town that Nancy gets to explore. I love how HER designed the buildings just right, so that they looked so run down and dangerous that you wouldn't want to go in them. This was problem my favorite place in the game.

    Good Things:
    * Everything made you feel like your really were in the Arizona desert.
    * There was enough in each place for you to search around in.

    Bad Things:
    * I would have enjoyed more things to look at in the Trail Stop.

    Cast of Characters;
    Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed: George and Bess's aunt and uncle that we never get to actually see, due to a rattlesnake injury that keeps them drawn to a hospital room. You do however get to speak with them on the phone, to which they sound very friendly and even tell you to call them Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed.

    Dave Gregory: He's the ranch foreman and seems to be quite shy. Usually, he doesn't have much to say, but still managed to be affirmative and take his job beyond seriously. Dave knows about the treasure, so could all of his quietness be means behind a cruel motive?

    Tex Britten: When we first meet him he's seems to be this very cold and cruel man who enjoys saying 'Nope' and putting people up with tasks that he thinks they can't handle. Not to mention he does look a tad bit scary. But Tex is really good at his job and seems to be more at home with the horses than regular people. Could his cynical attitude have other means?

    Shorty Thurmond: Shorty is the cook at Shadow Ranch, who is actually very friendly and enjoys gossiping. Frequently he complains about not having any help, and sets you out to do chores each morning. He also knows about the treasure and seems quite eager to find it. Is this all just a ploy to get one step closer to the treasure?

    Mary Yazzi: She is a Native American woman who happens to run Mary's gifts. Mary knows nearly everything about the surrounding land and has been interested in purchasing Shadow Ranch for awhile. Could she be the one sabotaging the ranch?

    Good Things:
    * I liked how everybody had a completely different personalities.
    * I actually really liked Tex's character. He cared about those horses. c:
    * The suspect I was actually kind of suspecting.

    Bad Things:
    * All of them hardly talk to you at all, except to give you chores.

    I really liked the puzzles in this game. HER does a really good job with their range of difficulty throughout the game. There was only one that I could remember having to check the message boards for a small hint. Even with the variation, the puzzles didn't seem to take me as long as with other games I've played. There was one, with the elements and such, that was giving me a hard time. Otherwise, the puzzles didn't turn out too bad.

    Overall, I don't remember any scary parts in this game. Maybe whenever the horse showed up could have been a little scary, or a certain part in the ghost town, but it seems that those kinds of things have in any typical Nancy Drew game. This game really wasn't that scary, probably due to it's friendly and fun atmosphere.

    I'd had the ending of this game figured out whenever I'd gone through the first few archways. I knew that that part would have something to do with the ending, and whenever I'd finally gotten to the end, I just knew what would happen. However, that didn't really stop me from enjoying it. I really liked the ending with this game, especially how the culprit would talk to you as they were moving.

    Secret of Shadow Ranch as a whole, was probably one of my favorite Nancy Drew games. There are a bunch of interesting places to explore, and it really had a nice little story behind it. This would probably be a very good game to start yourself out on.
    Though, I would recommend this game to anyone, as I would any other Nancy Drew game.
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    So whether you come back by page or by the big screen,
    Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

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    Nice review! But you told about the
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      Oh. I'll have to go through and get rid of that.
      But thank you. C:

      So whether you come back by page or by the big screen,
      Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

      J.K. Rowling