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    Lasso Up A Great Game•
    A Review by Cloudz
    Plot: For Secret of Shadow Ranch, the game kicks off with Nancy, Bess, and George wanting to visit their (being Bess and George's) Aunt Bet and Uncle Ed at their Arizona ranch. Unfortunately, Bess and George's plane trip gets delayed, whereas Nancy's is on time. When Nancy arrives, she learns that Uncle Ed was bitten by a rattlesnake last night, and that a mysterious glowing "phantom" horse has been showing up! The horse might have something to do with the strange accidents that occur only seconds after it gallops away. Hm. For me, I thought that this plot was very intriguing and wanted me to keep playing! 10/10

    Dave Gregory: The Rawleys' ranch handyman. Both cute and a hard worker.
    Tex Britten: The horse caretaker. He knows his stuff when it comes to these creatures, and he's bound to explode when you mess up. Creepy guy.
    Shorty Thurmond: The Rawleys' cook. His cooking skills aren't so sharp, though, and he loves gossip.
    Mary Yazzie: The owner of a cultural emporium. She recently requested to buy a small plot of land from the Rawleys, but they refused. 10/10

    Scare: There's a few spooks in this game. The music would sometimes reach its suspenseful moments, which we'll talk about next. At a particular location in the game, there's a few pop-out moments. I won't go in to much detail, but it was just really creepy. 5/10

    Tunes: I really liked the music in this game. Two or three in particular sounded really, erm..."ranchy", another one sounded historical and Arizona-ish, and the final one was that suspenseful one I mentioned before. The reason I didn't give this a perfect score is because sometimes it sounded repetitive, but maybe that's because I was playing for too long. 9/10

    Puzzles/Games/Tasks: The puzzles fit in with the game and were all really fun, discombobulating (which means challenging), and fit in with the game. The tasks we had to accomplish were repetitive, but they really fit in with the ranch concept, from picking veggies to collecting eggs. But the puzzles, for me, were really hard. Of course I was younger, but even today if I didn't have a strategy guide, I wouldn't finish. I mean that literally. I'm not any expert like Nancy. 8/10

    Education: In the game, we learn some information about vegetables and horses. Horses mostly. We learn what they eat, the different kinds, and more in two informative books in the ranchhouse. As for vegetables, there's a web browser on Nancy's phone that looks up how to tell when vegetables are ready to harvest, including pics of ready to harvest veggies. 6/10

    Extras: Yes, there is a little goodie in this game! Since we're on a ranch, it would only make sense to ride a horse, right? Well, lucky you, we can! Bob, reader. Reader, Bob. Bob's a bay horse that we get to ride around Arizona with in the course of the game.

    Ending: Wowie! The culprit was highly unexpected and suprising! He/she was a great pick. I also like the ending. It was fast paced, hurry-up-and-do-something-Nancy! And how we catch the culprit was really clever and it took me a couple of tries to get it right. [Thank GOODNESS for second chances!] The ending was a bit short, but still entertaining! 8/10

    Overall: An estimated 8/10! Not bad! This game was very fun and impressive. I look forward to more fun games like this one in the near future of Nancy Drew games. Let's see. If you liked this review, you can rate, rep, or reply! But you already did the best it can get: you read the review! That means a whole lot more than stars or points! Replies are nice though. However, I'm letting you decide what you want to do. Here's some advice to everyone: PLAY THE GAME! Trust me, you won't regret it!
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    Hi! I've seen you around the boards a couple of times, I think I've introduced my self before but just in case I'm Emily. Anyways I really like your review! I could tell you put a lot of effort into it. And it was very interesting to reed. So great sleuthing!



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      I honestly don't know if we've met, either. But if not, nice to meet you! Thanks for the response! You're in the imaginary hall of fame for being the first responder of this review! Yay for you!