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  • Review: Secret of Shadow Ranch

    Plot: Basically, Nancy goes to Bess and Georges' relatives' farm. Nancy is the only one to arrive due to a terrible storm that the cousins (Bess and George) got caught in. Nancy then realizes that there is a mystery to be solved when she sees a mysterious glowing horse in the middle of the night.

    Characters: I thought all of the characters were pretty decent, fun to talk to, and pretty realistic.. the way they talked. They were all pretty helpful so thats always nice :)

    Length: The length of the game was fairly long. It took me about 2 weeks to finish it.

    Puzzles/Activities: Most of the activities that you had to do were reasonable and not so hard... not easy... but not hard... they were... challenging... if that makes sense. I think they did a good job with the things you had to do in the game. I really liked how you got to go horseback riding and look at all the beautiful desert scenery. When trying to solve the puzzles, be sure to take your time, the answers were usually near by. The only puzzle I didn't like was the horse feeding chart, for me, that was always really hard to understand. Every time I would try and and play the game, the horses would always die. It made me mad LOL.

    Etc: The phone conversations on this game were really realistic and fun to listen too. I really liked how you actually had to do FUN chores, and on top of the "fun" they were easy :) That made me really happy. I was really surprised when I found out who the culprit turned out to be, nice twist :)

    Overall, super fun game, I definitely recommend getting it, it's totally worth the money. Also, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to ask, hope this helped :)
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