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Rawley's trunk in living room

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  • Rawley's trunk in living room

    I know what to do to open it with which numbers but whenever i turn the handles to those numbers, nothing happens....I am not sure if I have to do something before opening the top of the chest or what so need some help

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    Make sure you look at
    the clock on the mantle
    I don’t think the chest will open if you don’t.


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      Thanks for the help!!!

      Now how do i figure out the code for
      the watch that was in the top of that to get the pokey thing for the watch from Mary's chest


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        There isn't a specific code, per se. It's a puzzle that's randomized every time you play. To figure out the combination, you have to guess.
        Press the numbers in the order where all the buttons will stay pressed down.
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