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  • Cake issue

    I have followed the cake recipe and added all the appropriate number of items according to the recipe. However, when i put those measurements into the bowl, nothing happens afterwards. I can't put it in the oven, can't do anything with it, because as soon as i back up to do something, it says "add more ingredients" or "throw away" as my only 2 options.....

    Am I doing something wrong or forgetting to do something before hand?

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    That's strange; there should be a third option that allows you to bake the cake. Just to confirm, do you have the cake recipe card in your inventory?

    You might want to double-check that you're adding the right amount of each ingredient. Here's a spoiler, in case you want to see it:

    Originally posted by NDsolver<3 View Post
    Try this!
    2 Butter
    2 eggs
    5 Milk
    2 Flour
    3 Baking Powder
    7 Sugar
    3 Vanilla
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      I figured it out, there was a bake on there, i obviously wasn't seeing it on the screen.....Thanks for the help!!!
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