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  • Who Looks Interesting To You?

    Usually before a new game comes out I like to study the character profiles and watch the trailer (several times) and try to figure out which character looks most interesting to me based on what HeR has given us so far...for me Leena and Kiri look most interesting to me but who knows, maybe when the game comes out I end up not liking them. Who looks most interesting to you? Do you have a favorite already based off what HeR has given us?
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    I`m honestly not the interested in any of the characters, I would have to say either Sonny or Patrick.

    You see, I sometimes watch Total Drama, if you don't what that is, it's a animemated reality show. All of the characters have different personalites, Kiri's and Leena's included.

    Most of the sport fans, are not retired, so Patrick is a little new to me.

    I'm not going to begin with Sonny, because everyone on this website knows and he's getting a little old.