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Dialogue missing l's???

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  • Dialogue missing l's???

    I have the digital download version of this game, and in the character's written dialogue, all the lower case l's are missing (as in Larry) and some of the lower case i's too. Just wondering if it's me or if others are having this same problem. I have emailed tech support about it and hope to get an answer soon on if there will be a game patch to fix this. I know it's a small thing, but something that should be right--I've never seen this kind of glitch in dialogue before.

    I apologize if there is somewhere else I'm supposed to post this. I looked around and saw other similar comments on this section of the forum, so I hope I'm okay. I'm old. Give me a break. :)
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    Oh yeah... On my old computer I had back right after DED came out, it was a small Acer brand computer which could play games, but it wasn't great :P Anyways, I got TMB as a download on it and I noticed that problem with it. For DED I ordered boxed, but I didn't realize that the computer couldn't play the DVD-rom games which is what they had just started doing (The computer I had needed a disc drive plugged into it to play games before-- and I'm probably making this way more complicated than it needs to be ) Anyways, once I realized that, I bought a download and it had the same problem. With my new computer, it works fine. I wonder if it's just the computer. What kind do you have?
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      I didn't have that problem with The Shattered Medallion, but I did have a similar problem where there were letters missing with the dialogue in Tomb of the Lost Queen. I have since gotten a newer computer with a different video card, and now when I play Tomb of the Lost Queen, no letters are missing in the dialogue. So, I think it probably has something to do with your video card/drivers and not the game itself.
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        I have a Samsung laptop. It's a few years old, so I guess it could be the problem and not the game. But I have recently played other ND on this computer, and they have been perfectly fine. That's why I assumed it was a glitch in the current game. If no one else is having problems with it, I guess it's just my computer. :)
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          Hope tech support can help you. Seems odd to me that an issue with a certain computer could cause missing letters in the dialog of a program, but I'm no expert. I haven't had a chance to download my game yet, but if I have that issue, I'll let you know. My computer is 1 year old & running Windows 8, just in case age of computer or Windows version has anything to do with the issue
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