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    4/10 is my rating for The Shattered Medallion. My full review can be found here: The Shattered Medallion - • - My Review
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      I gave it a 7. This was a fun game and I don't think it deserves all the negative attention it has been getting, but there was no mystery to speak of, the story was a bit lacking, and it was a bit short.

      On the bright side though, it was very fun talking to all the characters, particularly Sonny! They did a pretty good job with him, and I wish we could have talked to him more.

      This is definitely not a 'bad' game. You'll enjoy it, but it was certainly a big step down from recent games when it comes down to the plot.

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        I don't like MED at all. Experiencing buyer's remorse.

        I thought the characters were dull and the plot/mystery was pointless. To be frank, I don't think I like the direction the Nancy Drew games are going right now. Used to be when the games would start with openings that would set the tone, atmosphere and scene for the game , and I would be giddy with anticipation. Ghost of The Thornton Hall was one of the finer examples - even when I finished it, it left me feeling wanting more. I remember those days when Warnings at Waverly Academy and The Captive Curse were actually fun to play. But the recent games, including (and particularly) MED, just kick off with cold opening, the puzzles were tedious, the story got ridiculous and the endings just... I'm sorry, sucked. Like my previous complaints (I think I made a similar point about Silent Spy), I feel like there is no coherence in the conversations and interactions with the other characters at all. So often the dialogues feel disjointed and makes no sense, and this is one of the areas where Her Interactive badly needs to improve on. If this is an attempt to make the characters more eccentric, I think it failed miserably.

        Very unsatisfied customer here. I buy Nancy Drew games purely out of loyalty and tradition, but if the next game continues to disappoint, I might stop playing completely. And that's a shame.


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          I thought that this game was okay. Definitely nowhere near my favorite but not my least favorite either. I did enjoy that the puzzles were difficult. I feel like lately the puzzles have been too easy to solve, making the game play faster. That being said, I only rated this a 5. I thought it was weird that George looked so drastically different from the other games that she's in. I also felt that the beginning was extremely confusing to try to figure out where to go, what to do, and who you were talking to. The dialogue was okay at best. But the most disappointing this of all was that there was just no mystery. The plot was lackluster and uninteresting. It seems like each new game gets less focused on the mystery, and more focused on adventure/traveling somewhere. I really miss having a good plot, intriguing storyline, and a mystery that just pulls you in and makes you baffled.
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            Worst ND Game yet.

            I played this one quickly, all the while constantly expecting the plot to pick up traction. It never did. Bess and George are terribly disappointing, the graphics are extremely pixelated (read: quick & cheap), the location was underutilized, the puzzles are forgettable, the characters are undeveloped, the mystery was nil, and the replay value zero. Get your act together, HeR Interactive.


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              I thought it was a good Nancy Drew game but it definitely had its quirks.

              I enjoy talking to characters, but the characters' conversations were not needed. Added little to the game. The only very developed character was Sonny.

              There was little to no mystery, which undermines Nancy Drew MYSTERY games, but I still found the game enjoyable. It was just not a Nancy Drew game.

              I gave it a seven out of ten because I sincerely enjoyed it, but not necessarily as a Nancy Drew mystery game.
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                MED was awful. There was no mystery and the characters were boring with little interaction. The secondary storyline ruined Sonny for me. I got SSH when it first came out and that is the game where he is first introduced. I loved seeing little tidbits of him in the games that came after and I think he should have stayed as a character that we would never meet. I have been playing these games since I was a little girl. I was not pleased with SPY or MED. I don't think I will buy/play anymore new ND games. The only good thing about this game was that I bought it for a discount during the Memorial Day sale. Definitely not worth $20. I miss how the games were back when HER first started out. TRT took me weeks to solve and I loved every second of it! This game took me 6 hours and I spent most of the time wishing it would end already.

                I think I'll stick to the old games from now on.
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                  This was by far the worst nancy drew game i have ever played. I've been playing for years and it seems to me like they are running out of ideas. I didn't even understand the point of this game!! So disappointing. I give it a 2 because some of the challenges were fun. I was just SO sad, i expected way more.


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                    I was quite disappointed in this game...

                    I really have no words- oh wait some just popped into my head. Better write them out before they pop right back out. All right here it goes; this game was disappointing to say the least. The only thing this game had a lot of was puzzles and that was it. The puzzles were challenging and I didn't mind the character- I wasn't thrilled with them, but they could have been worse...all right and they could have been better. I didn't get the point of this game at all and Sonny was so confusing! He was funny, but my goodness he gave me a headache half the time...

                    I really hope the next ND game has more of a mystery of WHO DONE IT and a BETTER villain! The ending was in one word; boring.


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                      I began expecting a poor 30th game the moment HER announced the contest for deciding this game's location. In truth, I don't know if this decision by HER had any negative impact on the development of this game, but this was, indeed, a poor game. The mystery felt underdeveloped, ignored, nonexistent at many points while playing, confusing, and even unresolved. The conversations with suspects were also lacking, as is usually the case when the mystery is so weak that the characters barely have anything on topic to talk about (and also don't know much about each other).

                      I would not say that this is the worst game that HER has produced. There was no task, puzzle, or gameplay issue in this game that annoyed me as much as the ones in my absolute least favorite games in the series. However, this is definitely in the bottom third of the games, and I would not recommend this game to new players.
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                        1. George's lack of presence in this game was completely unexpected after seeing the trailers. I've been missing George immensely from the last few games, and this just made the feeling worse, considering she'll probably be completely cut out of the next one judging by the last games.

                        2. The graphics were a huge step down.

                        3. Jamila's accent is horrible. Forget the bad Kiwi accents; Jamila's makes me want to shut off the sound completely. HER, that cannot be an acceptable imitation of an accent that voice actress has clearly never heard before. I'm actually kind of insulted, since I hear British accents everyday, that it is so poorly done in this game. Is it that difficult to have native speakers read these lines? If you're going to make the effort to make the rest of the game, why not this?

                        4. As countless people have said, the plot is boring, and there is no mystery. The ending is even worse.

                        Here is hoping the next game is better.


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                          Sorry to say I really struggled to get through MED. The story (or lack thereof) really did not flow at all. The characters were completely uninteresting, and most of them were downright annoying. I continued to play the game because I wanted to be able to say I finished it, but it definitely was not a game I was so into that I played for hours at a time.

                          2/10 rating for this one.


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                            When I first played this game over a month ago when I first got it, I was very distracted with school and other work so I didn't feel like I was able to rate the game fairly. I've just finished replaying it and decided to give the game a 7/10. Upon replaying the game I found that I liked it a little more. I think the puzzles were great except for the last two or three chronologically. Points docked for the plot (still don't really know what was going on!!) and the characters (snooooze fest, honestly). I did like Sonny, but I wish there was more (as in any) mention of his and Nancy's common past employers.

                            A 7 is a bit of a stretch, but I felt this poll needed it.


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                              A friend of mine recommended the series to me and this is the first game I tried out. To be honest I was a little underwhelmed and judging by some of the reviews in here, perhaps MED was not the best game to make a first impression. However I would not call it terrible and I did see it through to the end without being put off.

                              I will try out some of the other games and hopefully I will get well into the series.

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                              Yep, MED is a little weaker than I couple of other titles I've tried.
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                                what did I think about The Shattered Medallion

                                Now that I played it a second time, I felt a little more enjoyment. I knew what to expect, so I settled in and had a bit of fun.
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