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What did you think of this game? (NO spoilers please)

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    Yeah, this is the first game in the series I played and I wasn't sure what to make of it, and whether I would carry on. I think I would have given it a 6 at the time. But having a played a few others since then, I think I will knock a few points off. Sorry!


    ^ 4.5/10.
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      What happened?

      I wasn't into this one. As a big fan of the Nancy Drew games, this one kinda blew it. It was boring, and short. The characters were boring. Not enough sneaking around, not enough places to go; puzzles from old games? Gave it a 2.


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        Although I had a hard time following the abstract dialogue in this game, I did enjoy the game overall. It wasn't one of my favorites, but it was unique.

        I liked; meeting Sonny, the challenges, the method to get to the different locations. There was a good rhythm in the game.

        The abstract dialogue really had me confused and wondering what to do, I felt rushed to finish the challenges but they really were not timed activities.

        I had a bit of a hard time getting going in this game, but overall, I liked it. I think this one will stick with me, there were so many quotable moments!



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          What I thought about the game "The Shatered Medallion".

          : This was a great game. I enjoyed all the puzzles and the great challenges throughout the mystery.


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            After playing these games for about 13 years, I've anxiously awaited each one and still love the rush of a new game, new plot, new characters, etc.

            I went into this game not really knowing what to expect story wise. I knew Sonny would be in it (my sister and I were hoping he'd be cute....but no) and that it took place on a reality game show. I ended the game still not knowing what it was all about. I didn't even want to talk to anyone because no one made sense. Some of the puzzles were okay, but I just wanted to get to the end. No snooping, hardly any suspense, no plot. -_-

            I've read through several other game reviews for this one and I've seen several similar opinions. Hopefully there wont be another flop.


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              I Can't Finish this game On Junior Mode.

              I'm still stuck on the Sudden death tube puzzle. Tried dozen's of times myself had two people varying in age try it so I could move on, no luck! I think this will be my first ND game I do not complete. So for that reason I don't like this game and I've pretty much liked them all except one!


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                lots of puzzles

                Really enjoyed this game because it seemed like there were many more puzzles to do, which I love. Some took me a while to solve, but that's okay. My only dislike was, once again, I found there wasn't enough info to solve the final puzzle without tons of assist (in this case screen shots). It made me feel less than victorious. I look forward to a challenging final puzzle, but c'mon at least give me a chance (on amateur). Great to see puzzles at every turn of the exploration though!


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                  I gave it a 3. It certainly isn't my favorite game. There was practically no mystery and I never felt like I was in imminent danger. I missed the suspenseful feel. Of course, meeting Sonny was great and I did enjoy the adventure part of getting to explore the locations. However, I wish the game had a mystery that was greater than the reality competition. I thought the other various characters were pretty forgettable. I didn't absolutely hate the game, but I wouldn't feel compelled to play it again. It was too short with not nearly enough snooping, suspense, or mystery. It makes for a decent and fun adventure game, but a mystery game? Not so much.


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                    Game Review

                    I thought this was a great game. I wasn't so sure about it at first, but I loved the graphics, the story-line, and having several diverse characters to talk to. It wasn't what I expected at all which is why I think it made a good game. I will definitely recommend trying this one out if you haven't played it yet.
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                      Better than RAN, worse than...pretty much every other game I've played. I think it needs to be recatagorized from "adventure" to "puzzle"


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                        I thought this game was great! Maybe because of two of the characters were in the game and they were my favorites? I haven't played The Shattered Medallion in a long time but I remember it well and I love the interaction but it is very different than the previous Nancy Drew games.

                        I voted on here as a 9/10 years ago but I'm pretty sure it was because of the two characters I really enjoyed. The puzzles were okay but the chatting with the characters were fun! You'd have to keep clicking on them to talk more but I thought this was a pretty good game.
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