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My Take on The Shattered Medallion

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  • My Take on The Shattered Medallion

    My Take on The Shattered Medallion

    Background: Hello everyone! Welcome to my review of The Shattered Medallion. For a bit of background before I begin, this is my third game review but I have played all of the Nancy Drew games multiple times. I am a long time Her fan, and even if I hated a game I would probably still buy the next one! I ordered one day shipping on my game, so I received it yesterday. Just as a reminder this review is of course entirely my opinion, and I would love to hear what y’all thought of the game!

    Plot: Nancy’s in New Zealand for game number 30, but this is no ordinary mystery. Nancy, George, and Bess are in NZ to take part in a reality TV competition. What also makes this game extra special is that it includes Sonny Joon! The plot of this game mostly follows the reality show competition, but a second mystery involving Sonny is also introduced. I have mixed feelings on the plot for a couple of reasons. I should start off by saying that I am a guilty pleasure reality TV watcher, so I was pretty excited about this concept. When I first started playing the game on Friday evening there was a definite sense of urgency as I tried to complete the reality show competition tasks first. As I worked through collecting medallion pieces I didn’t really explore nor do anything else, so I ended up missing a lot of things. This became even more apparent as I continued playing. I got about ¾ of the way through the game on Friday, and then stopped for the night. I stopped the game feeling very confused, things weren’t making sense and I just couldn’t get a handle on the plot. This morning I decided to look at the strategy guide for the sections I had already played, and I realized that I had missed huge sections of the plot. I also realized that no matter what you do, you still place in the competition the same way. This was eye-opening, and I ended up restarting the game. I played through again but this time I didn’t rush and explored more. Once I replayed the game I found it to be a lot more enjoyable, and also less confusing. I was surprised that I managed to get so far in the game without completing vital tasks, so this will take a few points off of my score. Also, now that I know the outcome of the competition can’t be changed, the element of urgency is pretty much gone. 7/10

    Graphics: The graphics were amazing, as usual, but in this game I saw a real improvement in the character graphics. All of the characters moved while they talked in very realistic ways, something that has been lacking from some games. Also, I thought the characters had pretty realistic facial expressions and such. 10/10

    Characters: I have to say, I enjoyed some of the characters in this game more than I have in a long time. The second time I played I tried to explore every possible conversation option, and I was not disappointed. The one part that was kind of disappointing was the lack of alliances to be made. The game page advertised that you could forge alliances, but I found the alliances to be pretty limited. 8/10

    Patrick Dowsett- I start with Patrick because he was by far my favorite character of the game. Patrick is portrayed as the not so smart jock of team Kea, but he is so much more than that. I loved Patrick’s random stories and his mysterious past. Also, Patrick’s voice was so soothing. I tried to talk to him all of the time, even though he is not exactly a conversationalist. Just like Bess in the game, Patrick would be my spirit animal.

    Leena Patel- The other member of team Kea, Leena is a very smart and calculating contestant. In essence, the opposite of her partner Patrick. I also got kind of stressed out talking to Leena, as she was very competitive and fierce. She definitely had more interesting tidbits as the game progressed, but I expected to like her more than I did, so not my favorite.

    Kiri Nind- Kiri was interesting, as you never really knew whether to trust her or not. She is mainly on the reality show for the tv exposure, so I thought it was interesting that Her decided to represent that side of reality competitions. Weird backstory, I’m still not sure if it’s true or not!

    Sonny Joon- I honestly still don’t know what to think about finally meeting Sonny. As a longtime fan of the games, I was definitely excited to meet him. I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t played the game yet, so all I’ll say is to expect the unexpected with Sonny.

    George Fayne- I personally love George’s new look, so I was very excited to have her as Nancy’s team Tui partner. Unfortunately she was drastically underutilized in the game.

    Bess Marvin- I have always loved Bess as a character, but I do not enjoy her new look. I mean, honestly, pink cameo? Bess was fun to have in the game and she had some really profound moments that I truly enjoyed.

    Culprit: I was once again underwhelmed by the culprit, like, seriously underwhelmed. I thought it was the obvious choice and I was very confused by the culprit’s motives. The confrontation was also pretty anticlimactic. 4/10

    Puzzles: It was a mixed bag for me on the puzzles. I really liked some, and there were some that I had no idea how to solve. Maybe I just need more instruction than some people, but when a puzzle is just thrown in my face I am usually not very good at it. I went to the strategy guide for several of the puzzles in the game because I just didn’t understand them. However, I really enjoyed most of the competition tasks, especially the kayaking and the mini-submarine. Also, my first play through I ended up completing quite a few puzzles wildly out of the “correct” sequence, and I prefer a more linear game. 7/10

    Setting: While New Zealand is a beautiful country, most of the settings just looked like fields to me. As in I couldn’t really tell that we were supposed to be in New Zealand. This game could have taken place in the fields of the mid-west and I probably wouldn’t have noticed the difference. That being said, I loved all of the different locations that could be traveled to, especially Doubtful Sound and the caves. While you had to unlock different locations, there weren’t many hidden areas. 7/10

    Ending: I don’t want to give too much away, but all I can say is meh. There was no confrontation with the culprit. There was also a part of the ending that was very weird. I can’t say anymore, but you’ll know it when you see it. 3/10

    Teaser: I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooo excited for ND #31. I thought the trailer looked amazing as it deals with a subject I love and also takes place somewhere I have visited. The title is intense, and my only concern is that I’m not totally sure what the mystery is. I think I have a problem because MED hasn’t even officially released yet and I am hyped up about the next game! 9/10

    Overall Grade: There were things that I really liked about this game and things that I really didn’t. My overall feeling once I finished was confused. I thought SPY did a nice job with the wrap up despite a vague ending, while I left this game scratching my head and trying to figure out what I missed. The one thing that really stands in this games favor is that I would definitely play it again, so maybe my opinion will change. 7/10


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    Thanks for the review! That's the second or third time I've already heard that someone hasn't liked the ending, but I'm glad everyone is being honest about it.


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      I really liked your review. It has a lot of information without giving anything away. I can't wait to play. Thanks.
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        Great Review! It's too bad that people are generally saying that MED is average- I was really looking forward to it.


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          Thanks for the review!! So far all the one's I've read were left slightly unsatisfied and wanting a little more. I'm still excited to play and I know what you mean about having a problem lol. I play a new one a get totally amped right away for the next one!! I hope I don't beat it to fast but we shall see I should have mine by wed/thurs!!


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            Great Review

            Thanks for the review! I'm currently downloading my copy so I'll be able to start it soon. At least I'll know its average going into it


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              Hi everyone, thanks so much for reading my review! I just want to assure the people who are worried that the game is going to be average that even though I didn't like certain parts of the game I still thought MED was a lot of fun and well worth paying.