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Nancy Drew #30 - The Shattered Medallion

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  • Nancy Drew #30 - The Shattered Medallion

    Nancy Drew #30 – The Shattered Medallion

    Plot – Setting & Storyline 10/10
    I loved the exotic location of New Zealand, with its diverse plant & animal life, not to mention all the various locations to travel to. Speaking of, I loved the way that you could only unlock more locations overtime – it gave a feeling that there was always more to explore, and I felt like there was a lot more room in this game.

    The Plot just made me sit there with a stupid grin on my face – I still don’t think I understand all of it, but I’m sure playing the game a few more times will clarify the details. HeR did a great job of tying in a character that we’ve known very little about over the course of nearly the whole series. What I would find interesting is if they have had this plot in mind since they first introduced Sonny Joon, or if they built the story around these previous tidbits. Either way, I hope to see SJ again in future games!

    Characters – Personalities & Appearances 9/10
    First of all, I just loved that there were so many characters – instead of the standard four, we had six! Granted, not all characters were around at all times, and a few had fewer lines, but still, I liked the diversity between the characters.

    As personalities go, I think we had a taste of everything – a mysterious producer who may or may not have a personal agenda running the show, a friendly-turned-fierce competitor, a code breaker who slips around the rules, the equivalent of a somewhat talking rock, an intelligently injured friend, and finally the like of a puppy dog that is infatuated with a certain alien lover. Speaking of, I thought Bess’s complete crush on Sonny was adorable; I don’t even have the words to describe its cuteness!

    All the characters had pretty good graphics, I just feel like some of the characters were again like robots with some of their actions, a few of which looked unnatural. However, the various outfits and features were great for remembering who’s who.

    Environment – Graphics & Music 10/10
    The various locations, aforementioned in the Plot section, were amazing. I always felt there was more to explore and accomplish, which is an aspect I look for in a game. The graphics for each environment were also outstanding. ‘nough said.

    The music for MED was also outstanding! You can see my review of the music «here». In the game, the music just added to the gameplay, just flowing into the story. I think all the tracks were placed at appropriate points – I especially noticed how Adventure played every time I found a medallion piece. Other than that, I didn’t really pick out specific tracks because they were so flawlessly strewn together.

    Challenges – Puzzles & Minigames 9.5/10
    The actual challenges for Pacific Run were fun to complete, with some being difficult and others quite easy. I know the only bit I didn’t like was when I finished a task only to find the medallion gone! But some sleuthing soon solved that problem.

    The puzzles were phenomenal in MED – there were some that were fairly simple, and others that really made me scratch my head, but nothing too difficult. There was also a great variety in the types of puzzles, with some similarities to ones in previous games.

    The minigames on the other hand were less enjoyable. In order to win a trophy, or to score some more points, playing Monster & Raid from The Captive Curse was required. I liked those games in CAP, but I would have liked to see new games. Plus, Raid takes FOREVER to win, & made the game less enjoyable. I strongly believe these types of games should just be kept in their own games, respectively. If we want to play those games, we can go & play the game they are in. If HeR wishes to put these in future games, I would suggest a shorter version, or to get rid of them entirely. I mean, isn’t that one of the draws for the Bonus Edition – minigames from past games? Now the line between standard & bonus editions seems smudgy in this case.

    Gameplay – Game Time & Fluency 10/10
    It took me less than 24 hours to win MED, mostly because I was so dedicated to solving the mystery. But the fluency was very swift and flawless from task to task, from scene to scene, which was very enjoyable. However, I did run into a catch or two near the second half of the game, but I soon figured out what to do. Past games have had their own slow moments, but I don’t think MED had very many serious ones.

    Overall & Final score – 48.5/50
    I really loved everything about MED – it was just a perfect combination of all the aspects I love about a mystery. I feel like there wasn’t a true ‘culprit’, since they don’t get punished for evil deeds. But this is ‘reality’ TV, am I right? Also, I still am fuzzy about the storyline, but I plan to play through the game another time or two real soon so I can clarify these details.

    Amazing work, HeR – I can’t wait to see what you do with the next game! For other HeRians, check out my thoughts on the teaser for Nancy Drew #31 «here».

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    Nice review! I'm glad someone has truly enjoyed the game! I can't wait to play! Btw, for some reason you left out a lot of spaces in between words likethis...
    To the message boards: When I think of this place, I think of the many wonderful memories and friends that I made here as a young teen (some of which I have to this day!). I would just like to say thank you to everyone who made this place special and added so much joy to my life. From alternate endings, to entertaining message board games, to picking through the details of every game, to being so excited when a new game was released, to speculating if MID would ever come out, and of course to the time where so many of us sleuthed every inch of CRE to find that darn (fake) easter egg , I have had so much fun here and made so many memories. The boards may be all but dead but I will forever cherish this place, even if I never return to it. Thank you to you all

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      Awesome review! I happened to love this game. Looking at the other reviews I know a lot of people really disliked it. I agree with you about the storyline/plot, it was a bit fuzzy. Thanks for posting