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    You know that creepy stairstep conversation thing, where people talk over each other without considering what came before and it becomes increasingly unnerving? Get ready for a whole lot in MED. The characters don't so much talk to each other as state their agenda and occasionally pass clues.

    The plot is a mess. There is no clear reason this is a mystery. Nancy is put in an environment in which she is supposed to win a reality show, so that's your challenge apparently. And then unconvincing coincidences build up to a disappointing conspiracy theory that tries to pull the plot along but instead befuddles it.

    The challenges/puzzles are ok, but they exist in a world with no narrative center.

    Her Interactive has given us a game without intrigue, which is the worst crime possible for a girl detective.


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    I agree. I haven't finished yet but I'm already bored. I stopped playing over an hour ago and the thought of starting again feels like a chore. This game is messy and dull.


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      I'm also not finished, and I'm also really bored. This game just isn't fun to me.

      Lots of the puzzles are repeats from previous games. The "mystery" is dull and, quite frankly, kind of weird. And none of the characters are that great.


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        I completely agree with what you all have said. This is certainly going down as one of my least favorite games. From the beginning (aka the preview at the end of the previous game) it was very unclear what the mystery was. What scares me is that in the preview for ND 31, we also have no real idea what the mystery is. If the next game is similarly poorly written, I fear the worst for HerInteractive. Very disappointing. Kills me, too, since I've played all the ND games from the beginning and am a big fan.


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          Hugely relieved to find out that I'm not the only one who was completely dumbfounded by the "plot" of this game. Made absolutely no sense to me.

          And yes, you've hit the nail on the head with your comment about the conversations. What in the world was going on in the HER voice-acting studios, that they allowed this awkward, clunky, unnatural dialogue into the game? No real human conversation sounds like this! Good grief!