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  • MED: I Just Don't Know

    Here are my thoughts on the game. I was going to keep it short, but the more I think about it, the more I have to say! LoL

    Graphics: I did not like them very much. I thought everything, including the characters, felt stiff. The graphics for the environment felt very two-dimensional, like I was looking at a painting rather than having the feeling that I was *in* the game. Previous games (like GTH and DED) have had way better graphics than this one.

    Characters: None of the characters really had any personality except for Bess. The rest of them felt very flat or they got on my nerves a little.

    Puzzles: I seriously can't believe there are repeats of past puzzles in this game. HER usually comes up with some awesome puzzles, but this game not only has some boring puzzles, but some of them have already been done in previous games (and I'm not including the bonus phone puzzles or the extra ones you'll see in-game). A few other puzzles you can tell are "time wasters" (meaning they're purposely lengthy or you have to repeat them several times) that pad the game with extra playing time so that it feels longer.

    Mystery: What mystery? There is very little mystery to this game, honestly. Most of the game is just dealing with doing the reality show quests. What mystery there is I found to be weird and uninteresting. The whole storyline with Sonny Joon is really, really odd. The whole story, really, had no cohesiveness to it. It was all one big jumble to me.

    All in all, I found this game to be quite boring. The only time I was really having fun was
    listening to the confessionals, since some of those were really funny.
    The game was also super short. It only took me a couple of hours to finish, without using the game guide. This is probably the shortest Nancy Drew game I've ever played. I'm pretty disappointed in this game, if I'm being totally honest. I've been a Nancy Drew game fan for a long time, and this one is my least favorite.
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    I agree with you. This is my second least favorite game. There wasn't a mystery at all. The only thing I actually enjoyed was listening to the announcer. She seemed pretty sarcastic and was hilarious. The characters were..different. In the books, Bess is a flirt, fun, and happy all around. This Bess was not the same. They explained it in the end, but I didn't like it. It just felt like busy work until the very end. Sonny is very weird, from previous games you knew he was, the storyline just didn't feel right. I didn't hate the game; I just didn't enjoy it.


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      I thought it was on the short side, but I'm guessing Kapu Cave was shorter. I almost wish that Silent Spy had been saved to be the 30th game instead.