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~The Shattered Medallion~ A review

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  • ~The Shattered Medallion~ A review

    I'm never very good at reviews, but I'll try my best :D

    Locations/Setting/Graphics: I thought New Zealand was a great place for a mystery! There were so many places to visit all over and I got lost multiple times (Which is good, because it means HeR put a lot of work into this!) I thought it was one of the most stunning places visually. Graphics of course were also spectacular. It was great! 10/10


    Leena: She got on my nerves. If she found a medallion piece first, she really started to tick me off. She was super mean to Nancy at the beginning and had kind of a cocky attitude. She was really smart though, I'll give her that.

    Patrick: I'm not really sure about him. Definitely the stupidest character in all of Nancy Drew history. I doubt if he could add 1+3. Literally. He trailed off from what he was talking about and told Nancy secrets. It was funny, but also kind of sad, haha.

    Kiri: I liked her. Honestly, through most of the game she was kinda playing for the cameras and you never knew what was true with her really. But she was still nice to talk to and certainly nicer than Leena was.

    George: George was great! She had a new voice actress that had such a great soothing voice. I really loved it. She made a great improvement from the actress from before.

    Bess: So cute. People are criticizing her for her pink camos, but I thought it was kinda cute, I'm sorry She had a lot of freak outs, a major crush on Sonny, and funny talks about how Patrick was like a calm cow. LOL I love her!

    Sonny: Sonny was... Sonny. I felt like HeR kind of missed the mark with him. He wasn't as quirky as I would have liked, although it sometimes came out in odd bursts. The end left with a feeling of "Whaaaa....?" with him and yeah I won't say any more about him. I just felt that this game wouldn't have even needed Sonny and it would have worked just fine. 8/10

    Plot: Nancy and George compete in Pacific Run, a TV show which George has been obsessed with for years. Sonny Joon is one of the producers, and there were supposedly accidents, but I didn't really get it. There were only 2 or 3 that happened. The main mystery was trying to figure out Sonny's past and well I won't spoil what the second smaller mystery was ;) I thought it was going good until the very strange ending... 8/10

    Music: Not as good as SPY, but still stupendous. Flowed in really well. Puzzle played whenever we did, well, a puzzle in Puzzle Palace. Adventure played five times when we got a medallion piece. I thought the music was great. 9/10

    Ending: Crazy ending. Still not quite sure what happened, or the culprit's motives, but I think it left the Sonny Joon storyline open like they did with you know who in SPY. It was just... weird. The ending puzzle was the only time I ever used a spoiler throughout the whole game cause it didn't make sense until I looked it up in the strategy guide. 4/10

    Teaser Trailer: Also weird. Great location with lots of potential, and great title, but I don't get how they're going to make a plot line around it. It gave even less detail's than the MED trailer, which is really saying something, LOL. You'll just have to see it for yourself. 6/10

    Overall: 8.5/10 Not the best game, but certainly a great one! Lots of places to go, interesting character development and back story, and most of all, Sonny Joon! Haha. :D
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