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One of the most boring, confusing games in the series.

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  • One of the most boring, confusing games in the series.

    This is my review of MED and as you can tell from the title, it's going to be a negative one. I've been underwhelmed by this game from the moment I saw the teaser trailer after finishing SPY, but deep down I hoped I would be taken by surprise and that it would be fun to play. It wasn't too bad at the beginning, but it quickly got boring and uninteresting.

    Plot: Nancy and George travel to New Zealand to be contestants on a reality show called Pacific Run. I honestly couldn't really tell what type of competition it was supposed to be, because most of the challenges weren't similar in any way whatsoever. So half the time, you are focusing on completing puzzles to be the winning team, while the other half of the time you're trying to figure out what's going on with the show, which happens to be produced by none other than Sonny Joon. Longtime ND fans will of course recognize his name from a few other games in the series, and finally we're getting to meet him. Turns out that Sonny might be causing trouble on the show and he seems to be immersed in figuring out some kind of alien theory; as always, Nancy gets dragged into it all.

    The plot was confusing to me at times and quite frankly, it was extremely uninteresting. I didn't care about winning the reality show because I bought this game for the mystery factor of it. I didn't care about Sonny's theories and alien mission because it was, in my opinion, dumb.

    I felt that the story didn't flow very well and the dialogue was awkward and off. I remember that after a certain accident happened in the game, Nancy was talking to one of the characters and she said, "Don't you think it's weird how all of these accidents are happening?" It made me scratch my head because literally only one thing had happened so I didn't know why she said "ALL these accidents" as if was one weird thing after another had already happened. There was generally something strange about all of the dialogue. It didn't feel natural.

    Reality show aspect: This was one of the weakest things about this game. As soon as I heard that this was going to be a "reality show" I couldn't help but wonder how it was all going to be pulled off since I know that ND games only have a handful of characters at a time. First of all, this game didn't feel like a reality show was going on at all, and second of all, the farfetched story they threw in there to explain the lack of people was extremely unrealistic and it made the rest of the game make no sense.

    I did not understand at all how this was all working. There were no cameramen on the island, yet the show was still seemingly being recorded and televised? A lot of the stuff that happens would literally be impossible to film, yet I'm assuming that since producers (Sonny) seemed to know when each challenge was done, that the contestants were being watched at all times. Unless the show creators planted hidden cameras on every tree branch on the island, I don't see how any of it could work. Also, none of the challenges were interesting enough to hold a television audience. I know it's a computer game and all, but HER could have at least tried to change things up. Instead all we got were a bunch of recycled challenges from prior games, including sheep shearing of all things.

    On paper saying that the game takes place at a reality show sounds exciting, but I don't see the point of including a detail like that when the majority of the game is going to feel like we're just walking around in different fields of grass.

    Puzzles: It's obvious that either HER is getting lazier or they put all their efforts into making one good game a year so that the other ends up being mediocre. Like I mentioned, a lot of the stuff here is recycled. The kayaking is very similar to the kayaking in Danger on Deception Island, you shear a sheep like in Castle Malloy, and more. You can even play (although it's optional) two games from Captive Curse. HER needs to step it up and stop reusing old material. I wouldn't be surprised if they used a lot of the same coding as for the old games and only change a few visual details (like with the kayaking).

    Characters: The characters were very one-dimensional and not too likable. Patrick was kind of funny but we don't get to talk to him that much. The drama Bess was having the whole game was annoying. Sonny Joon was nothing like I pictured him to be and the character has been botched in my imagination. I'll just ignore this version of him when I replay older games that include his notes.

    Ending: What a letdown. I don't even know what the villain (the one who tried to hurt Nancy in the end) was mad about. I feel like there was a two-second explanation and I missed it when I sneezed.

    Overall, this game is not worth the money. In my opinion this is the third worst game in the series and I don't see myself replaying it soon, if ever. This has convinced me to not buy the next game until I read reviews and see that it gets a positive reception. I usually just buy these games as soon as they're available, but with HER being more and more inconsistent with putting out good quality games, I'm no longer going to spend my money like that.
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    I was also annoyed by the Bess-drama and didn't understand what the culprit had against Nancy. Was it ever explained? There seemed to be no motive to me.

    My frustrations with the storyline mirrored yours exactly: I didn't care about the "reality TV show competition" angle (and I didn't believe that Nancy would either) and the whole "Sonny Joon alien conspiracy" angle seemed equally foolish and uninteresting, and also beneath Nancy's notice. I just wasn't buying any of it.