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  • mdetective12
    Awesome review! I totally agree! I did get tired and bored every once in awhile but I absolutely love Sonny's and Bess's characters! They're just awesome!

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  • gingerhorses
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  • gingerhorses
    started a topic Fun and entertaining!

    Fun and entertaining!

    If you've played many games in the series, you might have noticed that some games take on a different tone from others. If you were expecting MED to be a serious game, I can see why you might be disappointed. The tone of MED is simply... fun!

    Nancy is in New Zealand to participate in a Survivor-esque reality TV show called "Pacific Run." It soon becomes clear that the show's quasi-producer, Sonny, has an ulterior motive for which "Pacific Run" is just a cover. The mystery lies in finding out what Sonny's up to, and also to find out who is apparently sabotaging Nancy's team.

    Because Nancy is participating in a reality show, various challenges or 'tasks' are an inherent part of the game. The puzzles were new and challenging. I played on Master Sleuth and, for the first time in a long time, I played the entire game with a partner. The puzzles were actually extra fun because we had to put our heads together and figure it out, and often when I was stumped my partner would have an "a-ha!" moment, so any frustration I might've had towards the puzzles was basically non-existent for MED. There was only one time when we got so stumped that we had to consult the strategy guide. We feel like the instructions for that particular puzzle should have been rewritten for clarity. Otherwise, if you keep working away at the various puzzles, you'll be able to solve them, so try not to give up! You'll feel very clever when you get it right.

    The game is beautiful, not that I'd expect anything less from HER at this point! But I'm consistently impressed with how the character artwork improves each time. The BEST version of George, from her appearance to her voice, is in MED. The characters are as life-like as I've ever seen, and each is diverse. Patrick and Bess are hilarious and really add to the fun of the game! (You have to listen to the confessionals, they're amazing!)

    I'll admit that I got so absorbed in the puzzles that I didn't talk to the characters much in the game. You can interact with the characters as much or as little as you want. Of course, knowing who to ask for help can come in handy...

    The premise of this game makes it tricky to determine motive and a culprit... it's not really a culprit-driven mystery. I fear that saying any more about why it's not culprit-driven will be too spoiler-ish, but I feel that it's important to mention because, once again, it may go against your expectations for MED based on your experiences with other Nancy Drew games.

    There are a lot of places to explore. Several times in the game I realized "Ooh! We can turn here!" so that was fun. However, the locations are still perhaps not used to their full potential, with some places having only one or two things to look at or interact with. We like stuff! Things! Happening! Speaking of things happening, Nancy could've reacted a bit more to the random things that happened to her. Hellooo, Nancy, you almost died! Don't just stand there like nothing happened!

    And, because this game features Sonny Joon, you should expect that not everything is going to make sense. He's quite a quirky fellow.

    I really enjoyed this game and the fun challenges it provided. It was entertaining and, well, fun! I look forward to playing it again in order to try to win some of the extra awards. :D

    8/10 - highly recommend
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